Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Omnidyne Ships inbound!

I don't normally post much about Firestorm Armada but Omnidyne's starship design has always fascinated me! I love the ring drives and will definitely be picking up a number of these to supplement my Armada starships.

The below pictures were posted this afternoon on the FSA Admirals League facebook page and are rumored to be part of the June release from Spartan Games.

The original posting can be found here:

I am particularly excited about this release! The designs are fantastic and I appreciate all of the new options that will be released for them.

I know that I have been kinda slow recently. Real life has unfortunately been interfering with my hobbies once more. Hopefully that will be diminishing soon. Until next time, happy reading!

Edit: Spartan has, in fact, announced Omnidyne as being released in June of this year.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dindrenzi Ground Command Helix - Unboxing

I debated on this helix for quite a while before picking up. I have long loved the model and really like the idea of it shaking the ground so much your opponents need to take a disorder test when it deploys. Not to mention its weapon systems, artillery designators and grand nyx company. The additional Damocles Mk1 deployable field guns really also help this helix act as a deployable fire base during a game. I did clean some of flashing before taking picture but there wasn't much. The majority of it is/was on the infantry and the flambard gun attachments.

Outside of box top.
Back of the box with standard information and nice looking picture.
Box interior, there was a lot of stuff packed into this box!
Damocles Mk1 Estok Launchers. I think I am going to magnetize the bases and their gun attachments so I can swap them out easily.
Close up of the Estock launcher pieces. These are the same Estock attachments for the Assault Helix Iapetus robots.
Close up of the Flambard field guns. The gun attachments had some flashing but it was easily removed.
Here is a quick picture of the infantry. Due to my infantry upgrade helix I have already painted a plethora of extras and will likely not paint these for a while. I will probably give them to my son so he has some upgraded infantry fire teams.
The base for the Charon command pod. I absolutely love the little details inside of this. The latters, vents and individual plates show off the incredible detail Spartan is able to cram into these models. 
A second picture to show off some of the land mechanism/clamps.
An overhead shot of the base.
An overhead shot of the command disk. This is a pretty good size hunk of resin. It has some nice details and variations on it surface. It should look great painted with the rest of my forces. Next to the disk I have placed the estock launcher, Rail gun attachment and command dome. 
The only piece of flashing that I could find on the disk was the pour point but this should be fairly easy to clean off of the model. I like the vents and paneling scattered across the disk.
Some cool little engine/vents on the bottom of this thing. They will be fun to be painted up with a little color.
A close up of the add-ons for the disk. Really like how these look on the disk!
A slightly better profile picture of the disk with its base. This sits stable enough that I wont need to glue it which will also have the benefit of making this helix easier to travel with. 
I am really excited to get this one added to the rest of my Dindrenzi forces! It should help me deal with my opponents Leviathan and command barges. I will try to get it painted up as quickly as I can but it may take a bit with how large this monster is. Hope you all enjoy the pictures of the command helix!