Saturday, February 11, 2017

Building a Dystopian Wars Town

I have been working on a little town for Dystopian Wars recently as I noted in my previous post. I figured it would be helpful to put up a set of pictures and steps for how I have put the whole thing together.

I used a thin black artist canvas for the base and then added black foam board and green stuff, (Kneadatite), to create the landscape. The buildings will be from Brigade Armor's 2mm line of buildings purchased from as well as some of the Dystopian Wars buildings. The trees and crops are from Galeforce 9.

Black canvas, black foamboard and green stuff
I effectively painted a pva glue over the board and covered with a fine sand.
I glued the buildings on and spray painted the board black.
I layered some greens and browns on the board to begin the process of making the land look like land.
This picture was taken after I had done some of the rocks and stone buildings.
This was taken after I had done the terracotta roofing and sandstone buildings. I also went back and added shadowing to all of the building doors and windows.
I then went back and added some vehicles and a packed up Farm vehicle to make the town feel a little more lived in. In the background you can also see that I used some flocking to create a planted field.
A picture of the finished town. I went back and added around a dozen more buildings to the town to help it feel a little more substantial. Honestly I am thrilled with how it has turned out!
A second picture from a different angle of the finished town . I can't wait to use this for a game!
Thanks for reading! I am continuing my creation of dystopian terrain. I should have some harbor districts done followed by an airport and second town in the next week or two.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Updates - Dystopian Wars and Dropfleet Commander

Its been a quiet week. I finished up the Dystopian Wars town I was working on. I hope to have a post on that in the next week or so. I also finished painting all of the SAS and node tokens for my Blazing sun Fleet.

Spartan recently posted the contents of the Dystopian Wars Expansion Boxes. The majority of them look awesome in my opinion. As a backer of the kickstarter I will be getting the French expansion set as well as russians from the Ice Maiden set. My brother-in-law will be getting the Britannian and Covenant expansion sets. My son will be getting the Prussians from the Ice Maiden set. Very excited for these!

Kingdom of Britannia - Dynasty Repair Ship
Covenant of Antarctica - Menedaius Support Ship
Federated States of America - Providence Bombard Vessel
Republique of France - Marans Bombardment Submarine
Empire of the Blazing Sun - Toyokawa Repair Vessel

I also will be getting the Republic of Egypt fleet box. Spartan also recently released a set of images for the Sehkmet Armored Cruiser. Not quite what I imagined but the more I look at the model the more I like it.

I have also been looking more and more at Dropfleet Commander. I think this is one I will definitely be picking up over the next month or two. The novel ideas of objective based play and and the signature spike weapon ranges really appeal to me. I will post some more about it once I pick up the rules and models. I saw this set of new tokens to be released this year at some point.

Dropfleet Commander Advanced Sectors