Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dystopian Wars Kickstarter Expansion

Again I posted this in my Dystopian Wars blog but wanted to share here as well. Thanks for reading!

I'm a few days late posting the beginning of Spartan Games Dystopian Wars game expansion through Kickstarter. As of writing this the campaign is 81% funded with 27 days to go which is very exciting. They have numerous pledge options be you a gamer or retailer.

Dystopian World Expansion Kickstarter

It does not appear that there will be any issues hitting the funding goal. I am very hopeful that the campaign will reach the stretch goal for creating a new Naval Battle Group from either the Spanish Confederacy, Teutonic Order, Free Hellenic Kingdom, Republic of Egypt or Garibaldi's Legion. The faction will be determined by backer vote. My vote would be for the Spanish Confederacy, I've been waiting for Spanish or Portuguese models since I started playing Dystopian Wars.

I have backed this project at the Fleet Admiral level and am very much looking forward to getting the models of the Ice Maiden Iceberg Carrier and Murmansk Fleet Operations Vessel. The Murmansk was a surprise to me but its appearance as a massive floating factory really appeals to me. In fact it has convinced me to build a Russian Coalition fleet around it.

Murmansk Fleet Operation Vessel. I love this model. Supposedly the back of the model can be glued or magnetized open to allow a cruiser sized vessel or smaller inside this behemoth. It is going to be a blast to paint!

The Fleet Admiral Pledge will allow me to select 4 Expansion boxes to go along with the two player set and resin super vessels. So far Spartan has only post the contents of the Russian Coalition and Prussian Empire expansion boxes which are the same new models contained in the two player set.

Magadan Large Submarine. I really like this model. Actually I like it better than the original Deathbringer submarine and am very curious to see how its armament works.
The Onega Light Cruiser. This model looks good in my opinion and is a good evolution of the current Russian Coalition aesthetic.
The Mezan gun corvette sounds really cool, unfortunately the enlarged picture uploaded is of the Rustov destroyer also a cool model but not the new corvette.

I must say I love this model. The Gustav Bombard Monitor equipped with the PAK-800 KYC Siege Artillery Piece. The fact that the gun has a the steam engine still on the ship just makes it that much more awesome in my opinion. Also equipped with broadside tesla torpedoes!
Second picture of the Gustav showcasing the train and siege artillery.
The Brandtaucher Assault submarine. From the description this unit sounds like a lot of fun armed with its luftlancers and forward firing cannons. It definitely takes inspiration from the Prussian Sturmbringer Submarine.
Lahn Anti-Air Destroyer armed with a speerschluder. Looks and sounds like a nifty little vessel.
The League of Crimson Poinard ambush corvette and Blade armored cruiser. These two models are beautifully detailed befitting their wealthy masters. The Poinard Corvettes gets to deploy after all other models and is armed with broadside weapons. The Blade Cruisers are armed with a Tesla lance, fixed channel electrical weapon and energy broadsides. 
Lots to be excited about, I will make sure to post more once the other Expansion boxes are revealed. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Impending Spartan Games Kickstarter

I have posted this on my Dystopian Wars Blog but wanted to share here as well just in case anyone is interested.

Spartan Games has recently unveiled plans for a massive expansion to Dystopian Wars using Kickstarter. I for one am extremely excited by this and can not wait to see the new French models. I may even look at picking up a new fleet like the Russian Coalition. I have long appreciated their aesthetic but just have never gotten around to picking them up.

Spartan has posted two blog articles dropping some tidbits regarding the impending Kickstarter.
Dystopian World Expansion Kickstarter

Return of the Battleships

- There will be an expansion set for each of the main 7 nations, (Federated States of America, Kingdom of Britannia, Russian Coalition, Covenant of Antarctica, Republique of France, Prussian Empire & Empire of the Blazing Sun). The expansion sets will include a new large, medium and small squadron from naval or aerial theater.

- There is supposed to be Nation Guide Books for each of the above nations.

- A new two player box set, (Operation: Ice Maiden), featuring Prussian and Russian models and including the new Ice Maiden Super Carrier which will measure over 10" long.

The Ice Maiden has been indicated to measure more than 10" in length. This model will be a blast to paint!

- There is also supposed to be two campaign books. One for Operation Ice Maiden related to the above 2 player set and one for Operation: Bronze Typhoon which will be set in the pacific around the city of Singapore.

- The League of Crimson will also be debuting in the Kickstarter. They are supposed to be made up of extremely wealthy big game hunters capitalizing off of the world war. Slated to have some very unique models I have very curious to see these guys finally, Hopefully the League of Honorable Gentleman will not be too far behind them!

The New Mark 1 battleships for the first four nations. (Left to Right, Mississipi, Yokai, Magnate & Eider). I really like the evolution of the design aesthetic for each nation so far. Extremely excited to see the new French battleship!
The mark 2 version of each of the above battleships.The new battleships have been designed to be easily magnetized so that they can be re\vised to best fit each battle they are used in. Their is also mention that new marks may be released in the future which will allow further customization.
On the forums it has been reported that the Kickstarter is slated to start sometime next week and their will be several blog posts with additional model renders and more information over the next few days. Alliance nations have also been address and will be further expanded in the the phase 2 of the World Expansion. Whether this will be part of the Kickstarter, a separate Kickstarter or something else entirely is uncertain.

The future of dystopian wars looks very positive. I am very excited for the impending Kickstarter and will be definitely backing it in some capacity. I will try to post further once more information is available.