Sunday, November 29, 2015

Terran Alliance Aerial Ground Attack Helix - Unboxing

Hi again everyone! Here are the promised pictures. The Dellingr is easily one of my favorite models. I kinda wish it was an Aquan or Relthozan unit! ;)

Standard Spartan packaging. Again this helix is boxed in the smaller size box.
The box was well filled with goodies.
The Hermoor Gunship. A very sleek and cool looking aircraft. I liked it more than I thought I would based on the pictures.
The underside of the Hermoor. Again Spartan hid lots of details down here. Little to no flashing on the model as well.
Side profile of the Hermoor.
And the Dellingr hull. This monstrosity is longer than any of the heavy tanks I have seen. It is a very impressive model with lost of little details crammed onto the model.
The underside of the Dellingr. You can see the 4 locations for the Huscarls to hang from when being transported. Also the engine attachment points.
Underside of the Dellingr shown with all of its extra pieces. Love the details on the underslung Huscarls in particular.
Closer picture of the engine pieces.
Closer picture of the underslung Huscarls. Amazing amount of detail on these little models. Its too bad that they will be on the bottom side of Dellingr as they look really cool!
Huscarls as they will looked when glued to the bottom of the Dellingr.

This was a really cool helix from aesthetics and will be a lot of fun to play against. The idea of the Huscarls being dropped off by the Dellingr is really cool! The high CQB value for the Dellingr will also ensure that it is still very useful beyond just looking cool after its cargo has been dropped off. Another cool little thing with this helix is that the Hermoors can be attached to the Dellingr as escorts which gives this helix a massive amount of CQB fire to direct against an opponent. A very cool helix and one I am very excited to see in action.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Aquan Aerial Interceptor Helix

I'm a little late in posting this but I got my Aerial Interceptor Helix recently and did an unboxing. My brother-in-law picked up a Aerial Ground Attack Helix which I will be posting an unboxing for before too long as well. We haven't had time to play too many games recently but I hope to get a few battle reports before Christmas. Perhaps, even start a little campaign.

The Interceptor Helix is packed in a smaller box than the core helices.

More of the standard packaging we are used to seeing from Spartan. 
The Vorati Heavy Gunship. This unit packs quite a punch and can be used like a crystal to extend laser weapon ranges or fire over a building. Great details on the model, very little flashing.
Underside of the Vorati. You can see where the flight peg attachement will be going. I really like the details, particularly what I believe to be the armor plates for landing gear next to the missiles.
Minnari class interceptors. Again, very little flashing on this models and lots of details. I'm excited to get these little guys painted up!

A closer picture of the Minnari. Again the details on these models were really good and will be a lot of fun to paint. 
Overall, I am really happy with this helix. The Vorati gunship and Minnari squadron output 16 dice at 30" which will be awesome. I am also hoping this helix will work well against my brother-in-law's new Aerial ground attack helix. The Dellingr and Hermoors are a little concerning for me. This new helix should help to keep them in check. I will try to get pictures of his helix put up in the next few days.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Relthoza Aerial Ground Attack Helix - Unboxing

I just got this the other day and I am really excited to get it put together. The model details look superb. Some of the pieces appear to be repeated from the heavy walker model but this only helps to reinforce the warrior actually inside the armor.

The standard cover. This one is of the smaller design than the core helices are in.
There is a lot of resin crammed within this box considering it consists of just the leviathan and drop pods.
The Massith Drone Nodes. These grant all nearby Relthozan drones the Kill Team Mar. The models are medium sized, similar to the Works Raptor Escape Pod and have a lot of details worked into them.
All of the pieces laid out for the Vaxiss Aerial Leviathan. There sure are a lot of them!

The two attachment points for the wings and the wing blades themselves.

The legs which appear to be the same as for the heavy walker. There is some extra resin for the pour points but nothing that isn't easily removed.
The torso, face mask and arm cannons. Some extra resin for the pour points on the arms but otherwise very little flashing. Great details on all of the pieces. It is going to be awesome to see this guy all painted up!
Picture of the flight base, skydrop marker and base attachment point. Pretty standard stuff.
Overall, I have been really impressed with this model. I really like the details and aesthetics of it. I cannot wait to get it all painted up and on the battlefield. Stats wise this guy seems to be pretty impressive as long as your opponent isn't fielding an aerial interceptor squadron. I could see the terrans and their Ullrs as well as the directorate potentially making this guy a little more cautious. Between cloak, flying and its solid armor values this guy can survive a pretty severe beating. I will try to get some painted pictures up soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Aquan Heavy Armor Helix - Unboxing

Hi everyone! As indicated in the post title I am posting pictures of Aquan Heavy Armor Helix. I picked this up a few weeks back during a sale and am very excited to get these all painted up! This was an easy box to add to my Aquan/Terquai battle forces as the stats seem quite good and all of the models look awesome! I like how beefy the Haumea looks and how streamlined the Locatu's are.

Spartan's standard box.
The standard assortment of resin, bubble wrap and card stock.
The Haumea. It consists of the same standard heavy tank model and the new attachment pictured on the left. Each was in great shape. There was some flashing that had to be removed from the attachment.
The underside of the Haumea and missile attachment. I appreciate all of the detail on the underside of the model.
The Haumea all put together. I really like how bulky, or "beefy", this model is with the missile attachment. I am excited to see this model all painted up on the table.
The Locatu tank destroyers. There was very little flashing on these models and the detail is again superb as is expected from Spartan's models.
The Sirsir Support tank. Same as in the Core Helix. Detail is excellent and there was little to no flashing on the model. 
A second picture of the Locatu tank destroyers so you can see some more of the details that have been crafted onto them. I really like how fast these models look.
All of the bases that came with the models. The stingray nodes are extra as this helix is not allowed to field them. Several of the bases were a little warped but this nothing that a little bit of heat can't fix.
Thanks for reading. I am hoping to post an unboxing of the Relthoza Aerial Ground Attack helix shortly.