Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The beginnings of a Kriel - Trollbloods painted & happy 4th

First off happy 4th of July!

I finished painting the trollbloods my wife and I currently own. She doesn't play much but wanted a few models for the rare occasion when she does. Surprisingly, when we started this, she picked the trollbloods to play. Further adding to my surprise she picked Captain Gunnbjorn as her warlock. My daughter wanted in on the fun initially so she picked Calandra, the Oracle to start. Since then I have wanted to start a Trollbloods army in addition to my Cygnar army so I traded her a set of Retribution guys for Calandra.

Anyways, history aside, I have taken some pictures of the recently painted Trollbloods and a few of my Cygnar guys. I am still struggling a little to put together a color palette for my warjacks. I'm almost there, hope to have a test-jack painted up here in the next couple of weeks.

The newly started Kriel. Based on how much fun they have been to play recently I will definitely be expanding the Kriel.

Calandra, Oracle of Glimmerwood - I really like the pose of this model and gypsy type clothes. She seems fairly squishy for a troll but overall is very fun to run so far. She will be renamed in the future once I get a name for my kriel.

Back shot of Calandra to show off some more of the gypsy dress.

Commission for my wife - Captain Gunnbjorn. I can't help but thing this guy looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger as a troll. Really happy with how this guy turned out.

Rear picture of Gunnbjorn - I like the rockets strapped to his wrist.

Dire troll mauler - I really like how his skin turned out and how contrasts with the red stones implanted in his skin.

I magnetized the dire trolls left fist so I can swap him between the mauler and bomber. I have tried both with good success but lean toward the bomber!

Rear picture of the Bomber/Mauler.

Troll Impaler - he looks like a hunter to me so i painted the majority of his armor as leather.

Rear picture of the Impaler - The leathers and stitching is much more noticeable in this picture.

Night Troll - I must say my first game with this stealthy warbeast did not leave the best taste in my mouth. To be fair though, I had to use him as a blocker for my warlock, he was crushed.

Rear picture of the night troll. I chose green for the rocks embedded in him imagining them covered in lichen.

The warmachine objective set all painted up. I am really excited to use these.

Cygnar Stormtower - I'm really happy with how these turned out. I chose to stay somewhat similar to the standard scheme but chose a more worn blue as their color. I'm planning to build a partisan army so they will have been in the field for a long while.

Rear picture of the storm tower.

Stormsmith grenadiers - I have used these guys and really enjoyed the amount of aoe damage I could put out. Modelwise I really enjoyed the clocks they are all holding and the crazy hair! 

Rear picture of the Grenadiers. looking forward to getting some more of my Cygnar army painted and posted.

Thats all I have today. I'm currently working on a Dystopian Wars commission but otherwise I am slowly paining away at my Warmachine forces. I'm slowly making some terrain for use with Warmachine. I have discovered the wonder of high density insulation board for making terrain and I am really enjoying building them. Currently, I am finishing a small woods. I would like to make a couple of buildings, a second small woods and some scatter terrain. Hopefully by the end of August I will have the terrain in better shape and painted.

I will post again once I have some more guys painted up. Have a great 4th and thanks for reading!