Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dindrenzi Federation Heavy Armor Helix - Unboxing

I recently was able to acquire this helix to bolster my planetfall forces and hopefully help to counter my brother-in-law's new Leviathan. I'm pretty excited to see how the Ares and Gorgos squadron will handle against my opponent's Terran oppressors.

Box cover, pretty standard stuff.

Fairly well packed... with awesomeness!
That bases and skydrop tokens along with included mini dice. Everything was in good shape with little to no flashing.
Overhead view of the Ares Heavy Support Tank with heavy rail gun.
Underside of the Ares. Per the norm with Spartan there is a lot of detail crammed onto the model.
Overhead picture of the Gorgos Medium Tank Hunters. They seem to look like a really beefy version of the Circe with rail cannon. 
The underside of these are crammed with details. I am really excited to get them all painted up!
Circe support tanks, same as in the core helix. A very cool model.
Underside of the support tanks. Again lots of detail on the underside to match the top side.
Overall, I am really happy with the contents of this box and am excited to get them painted up to match the rest of my forces. Statistics wise they should give my forces some much needed additional firepower to handle my regular opponents command helix and new leviathan.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dindrenzi Aerial Ground Attack Helix - Painted

Last but not least of my current dindrenzi models, the aerial ground attack helix. The renders for these models had me feeling a little unsure of whether I would like them much. The Icarus gunships in particular looked to be missing something, almost too streamlined. The excellent weapon range and damage values for the Daedalus heavy gunships were not something I could pass up on so I took a chance and purchased the helix.

I was not disappointed. The Daedalus heavy gunships are fantastic models and honestly the Icarus gunships were much better looking in person than they appeared in the renders. I painted them in a similar scheme to my core helix like the aerial interceptor helix.

Icarus Gunships - I debated for a while on the striping but decided to go with the cross pattern. 
Side Overhead picture of the Icarus gunships.
Rear picture of the Daedalus Heavy Gunships. Its not easy to see but I painted the engines on the underside of the gunships to match the engines on the back of the gunship.
Side profile of the Daedalus Heavy Gunships.
Overhead and side pictures of Daedalus Heavy Gunships.
Front picture of the Daedalus Heavy Gunships.
Aerial Ground Attack Helix
Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to field these fantastic models yet in a game. I am particularly excited for the Daedalus gunships with their excellent firepower and range. Hopefully they will perform well during my next game.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dindrenzi Aerial Interceptor Helix - Painted

Interceptor Helix Picture! These models used the same scheme as my core helix. The Orestes Heavy Interceptor Gunship is a fantastic model and has performed really well for me in the one game I have played my Dindrenzi in. The Erinyes have also performed really well. I particularly like how well Spartan was able to take the tiny SRS token and turn it into an interesting planetfall model.

Orestes Heavy Interceptor Gunship - I tried to emulate the vaygr from Homeworld 2 and am pretty happy with how this turned out. My experience with this gunship was excellent in my last game versus my Terran opponent. The Orestes performed excellently against his Sheriff.
Side profile of the Orestes.
Rear view of the Orestes. I was really happy with how the engines turned out.
Erinyes Interceptor Squadron - These also performed well in my previous game. I love how these turned out. Seeing the model in person reminds me of the x-wing from Star Wars.
Erinyes Interceptors from the front.
Erinyes Interceptors - rear picture. Again I was really happy with how the engines turned out.
Aerial Interceptor Helix 
This helix turned our really well. I was thrilled with how the color scheme turned out. I have only fielded them once but was really happy with how they performed. So overall I am really happy with my purchase of this helix.

Next up will be my ground attack helix which I hope to have up by this weekend.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dindrenzi Core Helix - Painted

I finally got my Dindrenzi units all painted up. The first set of pictures will be of my core helix followed by the aerial helices. The color scheme I decided to go with is almost an inverse to the standard Dindrenzi scheme.

The models were all base coated in black to start. I followed this with a light coating of deck tan and then drybrushing with white grey. I added some hull red to provide some contrast and to make the models pop a little more on the table. Weapons and other points of glow were painted templar blue followed by sky blue and then a point source of white. The engines I painted a intermediate green then drybrushed necrotite green and then green yellow. I also added some dark german grey and gunmetal blue to add a little more variation to the model colors.

Kratos Heavy Tank
Front profile of the Kratos
Side profile of the Kratos
Overhead picture of the Kratos
Underside picture of the Kratos
Eris Medium Tanks - Side Profile
Circe specialist tank and Eris medium tanks
Side profile of the Circe and Eris tanks
Circe specialist tank
Leto light tanks
Side profile of the Leto light tanks
Leto light tanks in formation
Damocles MkII skydrop pods
Damocles MkII skydrop pod exit side
Back of Damocles MKII Skydrop pod
Nyx infantry deploying from skydrop pod
Nyx infantry fire team
Nyx Infantry fire team
Nyx Infantry fire team - Love the guy hiding behind the concrete barrier!
Core helix deployed!
These were all very fun to paint. I really like all of the details Spartan was able to cram onto these models. The Kratos in particular is a favorite of mine for appearance and, so far in the one game I have played, a fairly solid unit. The infantry and drop pods also turned our fantastically. I really like the action poses Spartan modeled for the Nyx. Overall this helix may have taken the cake as my favorite from my Relthoza aesthetically though I am still in a toss up for which I enjoy playing more.

I will try to get both of my aerial helices up over the next week. My wife has taken all of the pictures, there are so many great ones to choose from, that it will take me a little bit to wade through them all and select the ones to upload. Shouldn't be too long though.