Sunday, June 18, 2017

Warmachine and Planetfall continued progress

The last two weeks I have made some progress on both my Planetfall Sorylians and Warmachine Cygnar. I have made some painting progress on them, finishing my Stormsmith Grenadiers and Stormsmith Tower. I have also put together a squad of Stormblade Infantry but haven't been able to get any pictures of them yet.

I have also put up some pictures of the painted Sorylian Core Helix. I really like how these guys have turned out. Because of how much I have enjoyed painting them I picked up a Heavy Armor Helix.

The beginning of my Mercenary/Cygnar Partisan Warband.
Sorylian Core Helix

Close picture of the Ka'Kun recon skiffs and Kul'Vok heavy infantry bases.
Close up of the Bol'Vak medium skiff transport and upgraded Mul'Kat light infantry cadre

Close up picture of the Huk'Ka heavy walker.

Overhead picture of the Hu'Ka.
Close up picture of the Sor'Ka medium walkers and a second upgrade Mul'Kat light infantry cadre.

Second picture of the Sor'Ka medium walkers and Mul'Kat infantry cadre.

Picture of the Core helix from a different angle.
I have absolutely loved painting these guys. I like the greyscale armor and contrasting orange armor plates. Add in the blue light sources and these guys really pop. I have not had any further opportunity to play a game with them but I am hoping to playing one within the next week. My son and brother-in-law have been pretty excited about Warmachine, with good reason. It is an awesome game and a lot of fun to play so I may be playing that for a little while yet before getting too many games of Planetfall. :) At least we are playing games so I will enjoy whichever one we play. I am taking some vacation time this week so I am hoping to post my pictures of the Command Helix and painted Cygnar guys.

My wife and I have recently split purchasing some Trollblood units for Hordes. I'm pretty psyked that she is interested in trying Warmachine/Hordes and very much looking forward to getting the Trolls painted up so she and I can play a game.Its going to be awesome. Until next time I hope all of the dad's out there had an excellent Father's day and a good week.

Until next time!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sorylian Progress - Weekend Update

I have made some really good progress on my Sorylian Planetfall forces. So far I have completed the Core Helix, a Command Helix and half of an Assault Helix. While I don't really need any more miniatures for this army, the new found flexibility of 2.0 makes it harder to resist having more options. I am considering a Heavy Armor Helix and an Aerial Interceptor Helix. The extra heavy walker certainly wont be a bad thing to have for my army, but really I would like to have the long range, pinpoint Sor'Ka's from the Heavy armor helix. I debated on the Aerial Helix but the Jor'Mak'Ta is an awesome looking gunship that I find hard to resist. The pod racers are steadily growing on me and I think with the right paint scheme could look really cool on the table.

Core Helix, Command Helix and the mediums from the Assault Helix.

Second Picture of the Sorylian Outer Sphere 1237th Expeditionary Force.
These guys have been a blast to paint so far. I have really liked how the orange and greys contrast with each other. The blue light sources are not showing up in my photos unfortunately but also add a lot to the models in my opinion. For this scheme I basecoated everything in black. Painted a layer of Vallejo Grey-Black over that. Certain armor plates I drybrushed Vallejo Neutral Grey over to create some depth. I then used Dark Vermillion for the accent armor plates, hatches and little standout spots. I then went back and found little raised plates, latches and similar spots and painted sky grey to provide further definition and contrast. The blue light sources are multiple layers of blue starting with Dark Prussian Blue drybrushed with electric blue. I then washed the area with fluorescent blue and drybrushed with light sky blue. Finally I drybrushed a little white in the center of the source.

The infantry were Dark Vermillion drybrushed over black and washed with Secret Weapon Ruby wash. I then colored the shoulder pads a contrasting color, grey, blue or green. Their weapons were black drybrushed with sky grey and washed with Secret Weapon Armor Wash. Finally their visor/eye spot was lightly colored Yellow-Green.

Other than the painting I played a game of Warmachine against my brother-in-law. My Cygnar Partisans versus his Convergence. It was a hard game which I did lose. We realized shortly before we ended that the app had miscalculated the value of his army and my 17 point army was playing a 28 point army. I had taken out 1 of his two heavy warjacks all of his solos and half of the health of his warcaster before I lost so I felt pretty good about that considering the point differential. Overall it was still a blast, I am looking forward to playing a few more rounds and getting the game figured out. Other than that I am hoping to get a few games with the Planetfall 2.0 rules and feel out the new unit stats. From what I have read and played I really like the new Sorylian statistics.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, thanks for reading!