Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dystopian Wars World Expansion Kickstarter Update

I posted this on my dystopian tales blog and wanted to share here as well that the kickstarter has done very well so far at 155% funded. The campaign is only 2,200 GBP short of unlocking a new faction for the game. I believe I noted this in one of my previous posts but I am exceedingly excited for this stretchgoal! The possible factions that backers will be able to choose from are: Teutonic Order, Spanish Confederacy, Republic of Egypt, Hellenic Kingdoms and Garibaldi's Legion. Out of these I think the Teutonic Order and Garibaldi's Legion are my least favorite options but any would be cool. Tomorrow, I believe, there is supposed to be an overview of the possible factions released so that we can vote on which will be added to the game as part of this Expansion.

Other than my excitement of helping pick a new faction I wanted to share images of many of the terrain bolt-ons. A large part of this kickstarter campaign is the addition of terrain specific to Dystopian Wars. Of all of the images shown so far these look awesome and will a ton of character to any battlefield they are added to.

Sturginium Rig - This thing measures about 5"by 6" and looks fantastic!

Overhead pic of the sturginium rig. Lots of excellent little details all over this model.
Island and Hazard Set - Love the little buildings set into the side of the rocky outcroppings.
New Resin iceberg set. The largest of these look to be about the size of a battleship. I plan to pick up a set of these as I think they will be awesome painted up on a game board.
Second shot of the iceberg with the new Prussian Empire monitor and destroyers..`
New fortified harbor set with a Prussian Empire monitor for scale purposes. There are supposed to be some additional buildings which have not been completely rendered as of yet which will be part of this set as well. This is another set I really want to pick up!
This is a close up of the harbor gates. It has been indicated that there will later be nation specific gates to further customize this set. Very excited to see the buildings which have yet to be rendered.
Several renders have been revealed for the Core Nation Expansion Sets. So far they have revealed the medium ships for the Blazing Sun, Republique of France, Kingdom of Britannia and Federated States of America.

Chita class robot submarines - Love these models!
Royan class gunship - I really like the look of this model. It has the appearance of a pocket battleship.
Felshaw class light carrier - Cool looking little model. My brother-in-law is expecting to pick up a few models.
Calico class light carrier - Very cool little ship. The rocket battery in the back is replaceable giving three different configurations.
Russian Coalition Mezan gun corvette - I very much like the triple barreled guns on the front of this ship. These will be a lot of fun to paint.
I am very excited to see this kickstarter finish out and in particular getting to vote on adding a new faction. I will post again once some more renders are released or the new faction is determined. Thanks for reading!