Monday, July 6, 2015

Terran vs. Aquan battle report

My brother-in-law and I played a quick 875 point game between the Aquan Prime and Terran Alliance on the 4th. Our zero hour tracker was set to 15 to keep the game short. The Aquan primary object was to information from the black box of a crashed Terquai gunship. The secondary objective was to locate the crew survivors. The Terran Alliance was attempting to retrieve several prototype units. A walker was their primary objective, a dropship was their secondary objective. 

Aquan Prime Strike Force
1 x Sedna Heavy Skimmer
2 x Lamana Medium Skimmers
3 x Imzani Light Skimmers
1 x Khitari Strike Shoal: 1 x Commander, 2 x Sweeper bases, 1 x Gun team, 1 x Standard base

Terran Alliance Force
1 x Vidar Heavy Tank
2 x Heimdal Medium Tanks
3 x Valkyrie Light Tanks
1 x Sinir APC
1 x Hirdmen Infantry Cadre: 6 x Standard bases

I forgot to take a picture before moving my Khitari but this is the starting position for the Aquan forces as they begin to infiltrate the settlement.

The Terran Alliance forces deployed on the opposite side of the settlement.

The Valkyries attempt to secure their secondary objective. Unfortunately for them the Imzani's attack them from behind destroying two. The remaining Valkyrie fails its morale save ensuring its destruction at the end of the turn.

The Sinir rolled forward and deployed its cargo of Hirdmen infantry. The infantry occupied a building and fired on the Imzani destroying one.

At the end of the first turn the Aquan forces had loss two bases of Khitari and an Imzani. They also held their tertiary objective. The Terrans had lost their squadron of Valkyries and the Sinir was damaged.

During turn two the Imzani squadron swept north to occupy the Aquan secondary objective. The Sinir advanced on the Khitari and opened fire on them destroying one base while being destroyed in the process. The Khitari took cover behind a building to avoid the heavy weaponry of the Heimdal and Vidar. Seizing the opportunity the Hirdman Cadre occupied the Terran primary objective. The Sedna and Lamana exchange shots with the Vidar and Heimdals. The Lamana squadron takes 1 damage. The Vidar suffers 1 damage during the exchange as well.

The Terrans win initative and the Vidar rolls foward to fire on the Sedna at effective range. The attack is devastating dealing 2 damage the heavy skimmer. The Lamanas move up to cover the Sedna and open fire on the Vidar. An amazing set of rolls for the Vidar's shields protect it from any damage. Worried about the Sedna's powerful lasers the Hirdmen leave their objective and occupy a building near the Sedna and destroy it.

The valiant Khitari move back to take the Terran objective hoping to deny them the zero hour points. The Terrans have no intent to be denied it though, Magellan cannon preparing to fire.
While I don't have a picture of it the Imzani relocate to secure the Aquan primary objective garnering 4TV at the end of the turn for me.
22 hits from the Magellan cannon. The Terrans blew away half of the building to dislodge the Khitari.

The Heimdals attempt to reverse and get a shot on the retreating Aquans but are blocked by the corner of the building. This was a game changing event as the damaged Lamana was unlikely to withstand the shots fired by his Heimdals and would have garnered them an additional 4 TV.

At the end of the game the Aquan's were able to squeak out a minor victory over the Terrans with -1 versus -2 on the zero hour tracker. I forgot to use hit & run again which might have saved the Sedna as I would have fired and relocated it instead try to cover with the Lamana. Overall, a very fun and close game. I am very much enjoying the Aquan forces and play style. The Terrans are a tenacious foe and I have quickly learned that they are extremely effective at clearing infantry from buildings. Definitely looking forward to our next game

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Infantry painting update

Hi Everyone! 
A quick update today. I've worked my way through all of the infantry and command bases and several of the sweeper and gun team bases. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. The more I look at the Khitari they remind of a combination of the Elites from Halo, particularly the commander, and the collectors from Mass Effect 2 & 3. They were a lot of fun to paint and I am very excited to field these in my next game.

Infantry bases painted so far.
I reposed the commanders spare arm to give them a little more character, this one is now directing his strike shoal.

Command Base

Different Angle of View for Command Base

Standard Infantry Bases, Gun Team Base in foreground.

Gun Team Base.

Sweeper Team Base.

Sweeper Team Base, different angle

Several Bases including Gun Teams, Infantry and Command.

Different view of several bases including Gun Teams, Infantry and Command.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Terquai Recon Helix - Painted

I thought it time to share some pictures of my first painted helix. The Terquai Recon Helix. I wanted to do something a little contrasting but stilled related to how my Aquans will be painted. Their current scheme is a desert and blue scheme. Since I wanted some contrast I picked a dark red as the Terquai main color theme. This was accented with a very light grey and turquoise to tie it in with the aquans.

The colors I used are:

Vallejo Burnt Cadmium Red drybrushed along the edges with a Vallejo Vermilion.
Reaper MSP Misty Grey was used for the striping.
Vallejo Turquoise drybrushed with a Vallejo Blue Green and then Reaper MSP Surf Aqua was used for accenting.
Vallejo Gunmetal Blue was used for the cockpit and hexagoned areas. A very light dybrushing of Reaper MSP Misty Grey over the hexagons to give some definition.
Vallejo Gunmetal Grey and more Reaper MSP Misty Grey were used to drybrush and finish details on the rest of the areas.

Taping for the lines.

Finished gunship, top view.

Underside of the finished gunship
Nabis Drones
Vallejo Burnt Cadmium Red drybrushed along the edges with a Vallejo Vermilion.
Vallejo Gunmetal Blue was used for the domes.
Vallejo Turquoise drybrushed with a Vallejo Blue Green and then Reaper MSP Surf Aqua was used for some of the raised plates.
Reaper MSP Misty Grey were used to drybrush the guns and pipes.
The tanks/batteries on the back of each drone were painted Vallejo German Orange and drybrushed Vallejo Golden Yellow.

The desert bases were painted black followed by a light coat of Vallejo Beige Brown drybrushed with Vallejo Tan Yellow, Vallejo Dark Sand & Vallejo Pale Sand.

Work in progress picture of the Nabis Drones.
Nabis Drones all painted up.
Different views of the Nabis Drones.
The nexus markers were painted up to match my Aquan markers which are the turqoise drybrushed with some light blues.

Completed Nexus Markers
The Temporal Portals followed the same basic scheme as the gunship and drones. 

Temporal Portal painted.

Back side of the Temporal Portal
Overall, I am very happy with how these turned out and can't wait to get some pictures of them in action. So far I have played two games with my Aquan and Terquai forces against my brother-in-law's Terran forces. The first game I lost pretty badly but the second game I won. In both games the gunship has performed very well, particularly, against the Terran infantry.

Terquai Recon Helix completed.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Planet Tutorial - Alejor IV - Arid Planet

I previously posted this tutorial on my dystopian wars blog. Now that I have gotten sucked into Planetfall I imagine we will be playing FSA quite a bit more frequently. I have plans to do a couple of additional planets as well as some asteroids, etc... This planet is Alejor IV, the fourth planet of the Alejor system, for our campaign. It can also work very nicely as a generic arid/desert world.

I started the project with a 12" diameter hollow Styrofoam half sphere. I briefly sanded it with a fine finish sandpaper and then coated it with mod podge to try and create as smooth of a surface as possible.
Next I painted the entire sphere a dark marine blue. Once that dried I painted a thin coat of turquoise over the dark blue. The idea being for there to be lots of depth and variations of color in the blues.
Ocean painted

Next I needed to draw in some land masses and then fill them in with an earthen color. 
Filling in the landmasses.

After the landmasses dried I dry brushed a sand color on the lower half of the planet as this is supposed to be an arid/desert world. Above the sand I started to add a little more red and brown to the mixture to create a transitional area. I also added some islands and texture to the coast lines to make everything look a little more realistic.
We have deserts and islands!

Next I filled in the upper portion of the land masses with a dark green followed by a light green to give the appearance of plains and forests. This was painted on lightly as I still wanted to retain a lot of variation between the greens and browns. A mixture of a medium brown and red was also used to further deepen the transition between the desert and the northern plains.
Northern plains painted

Next it was time to start detailing the mountains. Using a detail brush I dabbed/blotted along the desert/plains transition to create the illusion of a mountain range. Many of the islands also got a little blot of white as well where I thought a mountain would make sense. The idea was to try and follow a logical path with the mountains. For me I thought maybe a northern mountain range would impede the encroaching deserts allowing for the small valleys you can see below. After that I tried to add snow along the northern coast of each continent.
Mountain ranges and snow.

I detailed a few more mountains and snow and then decided it was time for my Polar Ice Cap. This was just a white paint. Initially I created an outline and then went back and filled it in with white.
Ice Age ho!

After the snow and ice was finished it was time to go through and add some shallow water to further define the oceans. For this I took the turquoise I used for the ocean and mixed a little white and a little light blue. I then very lightly painted this along many of the coasts and around several of the island chains where I thought maybe the water would be a little shallower. Generally closer to the equator had more shallow water than the areas further north.
Shallow waters, check!

Wanting to further define my deserts I took a sand color and mixed a little brown in. I didn't want to completely cover everything painted previously so I wiped of the majority of the paint each time before I blotted the paint on the deserts. The land looked a little more organic this way and still had a lot of depth to it.
Only the clouds left now!

With the terrestrial part of the planet finished I moved on to the final and scariest step.... clouds. Before I even attempted this I researched several pictures of the earth from space on Google to get an idea of how clouds would look from above. I really wanted to capture the depth that people would get from viewing a planet from space. I thinned some white paint and wiped off the brush before each time, leaving only a little paint on the brush I began to blot areas over the water near the pole. It seemed like from the pictures I had looked at that large cloud formations tended to be closer to the poles. I repeated this process until I was satisfied with how the clouds were looking. I tried to be irregular about it as well to make it look more realistic. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I am definitely looking forward to doing another one!
Alejor IV

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Terquai Recon Helix Unboxing

Now on to the last of my  recent purchase and the one I am the most excited about. I love the design aesthetic of the Terquai. The gunships is probably one of my favorite models so far. The entire concepts of the portals and Nabis heavy infantry drones are fantastic as are the model designs. I cannot wait to get these all painted up!

Boxed Set.

Normal Packaging, everything was wrapped up nicely.

The Iophon gunship. Love the design and detailing.

The Underside of the Iophon. More great detailing.

The temporal portals and acrylic portal templates as well as the sky drop designator.

Close up of the temporal portal and acrylic portal templates.

Better angled shot of the temporal portal.

Nabis Heavy infantry and cockpit.

Rear view of Nabis Heavy Infantry Drone.

Close up of Nabis cockpit. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Aquan Prime Infantry Upgrade Unboxing

Here are some pictures of the Aquan Light Infantry Upgrades. Again I was very impressed with the amount of detail on all of these models. There definitely some flashing on the metal minis in particular but it really doesn't detract from the mode and will be easy to remove. On to the pictures!

The box!

A close up of the Gun Team upgrade.

My personal favorite in the box. The Sweeper Team upgrade. I love these aquatic, angler fish tauntaun things! Can't wait to get a few painted up! There is a little bit of flashing but nothing to bad.

A second picture of the Sweeper Team to give a different angle of view.

The Commander and two body guards. Definitely some flashing that will need to be cleaned. There is an impressive amount of detail on these mini's despite their small size.

A close up of the Commander Base. Fairly simple but good detail on the ground.

The Sweeper Team base with two photobombing Sweeper Teams!