Friday, October 14, 2016

Dindrenzi Ground Command Helix - Painted

Hi all, sorry for the inconsistent posts over the past few months. Between work and the newest addition to our family I have been a little more preoccupied than normal.

I've actually had these pictures since August and just have not had a chance to post them. Better late than never though!

Nyx Grand Company. Very much looking forward to overrunning someone with these guys!
Damocles Flambard turrets. 
Damocles Estock Flack Launchers,
I magnetized the bases so that it would be easy to swap between the flambard and estock drop ons.
The  base for the Charon Command Pod. I tried to create a little bit of a lighting effect coming from above each ladder.
The underside of the command pod. I used the green for the rocket/stabilizers for the pod and then continued the blue for the light sources within the pod.
A picture of both the base and the command pod. I was trying to show off some of the details on the front of the command pod.
An overhead view of the command pod and base. I've been extremely pleased with how this model turned out. My wife made me a stencil for the phi symbol to add it.
The entire Ground Command Helix. The size of the Command pod still surprises me when compared to the other models I have. It is simply huge and stats wise it is a beast calling in artillery strikes, deploying a grand company and still providing fire support. The Command pod seems designed to break a battle line or to consolidate a position. 
I love this helix. Unfortunately, I have not played a game with it yet but I am certainly looking forward to trying it out! Thanks for reading/viewing!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The near future of the Firestorm universe from Spartan Games

Spartan games released a blog post today on their website and facebook laying out the near future for Firstorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall.

In summary things are looking up for both armada and planetfall.
- The narrative is going to be advanced and future releases and posts will explore the galaxy beyond the storm zone.
- Campaign Flashpoints, (Armada, Planetfall or both compatible), will be released in the future allowing the playerbase to help determine the future of the game narrative. (I am very excited about this!)
- Spartan intends to connect Planetfall and Armada a little more than has been done previously.
- First flashpoint will be Flashpoint Amber - Sorylian vs. Relthoza set implied.
- Different Flashpoints may overlap each other in lengths.
- Future vessels will be modular in design allowing for 2 or 3 different vessels to be constructed from the same chassis.
- This modular approach will also be applied to the upcoming Planetfall Alliance core helices.
- Firestorm Armada 3.0 ruleset is expected to be released in 2017 after a beta/community review period.
- Firestorm Planetfall 2.0 ruleset appears to be the next rule release for Spartan. In the near future a discussion will be started on the forums regarding the changes to the rules.

A preview was also shared of the upcoming Indomitable Battle Carrier. I don't play terrans but it is a really cool model.

All in all I am very excited regarding the information provided in the blog post. I think it will help to alleviate some of the fears that have been voiced recently in the forums and points to a very exciting next year for the Firestorm universe!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Veydreth Allied Recon Helix - Painted

This helix was a blast to paint. Though definitely out of my comfort zone for colors the result was better than I had hoped. I am really excited to pick up and paint the core helix once it is released this winter.

Veydreth Recon Helix including Yok-Ta medium skiffs, Nuk-Su light skiffs and artillery designator tokens.
Nuk-Su Light Recon Skiffs - My wife elected to go for a dark purple base color with bright blue lighting effects. The final effect reminds me a little bit of Tron.
Different angles of the Nuk-Su light skiffs.
Yok-Ta medium skiff. Added a little bit of pink at my wife's request. I think that it was a good choice and looked a little more tribal.
Rear and side view of the Yok-Ta medium skiff. 
These were a fun little painting project for me and my wife was really happy with the results. We've only broken them out to play once this summer but daughter has several times and loved the color scheme too.

Next I will try to get some pictures of my painted command helix. I also have a battle report from my most recent game against my brother-in-law. Relthoza vs. Terrans, unfortunately my dice were very much not on my side and my poor Relthoza suffered greatly because of it.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Directorate Assault Helix - Painted

I recently completed this helix for my Dad's Directorate forces. I kept to the same desert camouflage scheme but wanted to really make it pop with all of the red cameras, lights and weapons. Overall I am extremely pleased with how the the robots turned out.

Directorate Assault Helix - Nemesis Assault Robots and Purgation Battle Tanks
Purgation Medium Battle Tanks. I was really pleased with the contrast the orange/red has with the camouflage.
Side and rear views of the Purgation Battle Tanks.
The Purgation Assault Robots. These guys are beasts and I tried to make them look a little more intimidating with the red "eyes", weapons and lights. 
Another picture showing the front and side of the Nemesis Robots.
Side and rear pictures of the Nemesis robots. I continued the red/orange colors for the power plant on the robot's back and their exhaust vents.
Final pictures showing the side and rear of the Nemesis robots. 
These guys were surprisingly easy to paint. The scheme was fairly simple with the red lights providing the contrast and interest on the models. I'm really pleased with how these turned out and my Dad was thrilled which is what matters.

Next I am planning to get some pictures up of the Veydreth Allied helix I have painted for my wife. It turned out really great, she was happy and I got to step out of my comfort zone for colors and a little bit in the way of technique. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dindrenzi Assault Helix - Painted

It's been a long while since I last posted. I must apologize for that. I have been very slow at getting pictures taken this summer, unfortunately. I am hoping that going forward I will be providing updates a little more regularly. 

The Dindrenzi Assault helix has some fantastic models, particularly the robots. I worked to keep a similar color scheme to the rest of my forces while assault making them a little different. I tried to jazz up their swords in particular and the effect turned out much better than I had hoped.

The painted Assault Helix. Not the best angle to view the Assault Robot swords but there will be some better pictures further down.
The Hades Missile tanks. I tried to create blue light sources for the launchers and red lights for the sensors on the tanks.
Side and rear pictures of the Hades Missile Tanks.
Underside of a Hades. All of my Dindrenzi vehicles have utilized green engine lights sources. 
Front view of the Iapetus Assault Robots. I am really happy with the effect on the swords for each robot. I was initially going for a molten look but am very pleased with the more subtle super heated metal appearance that occurred. This was achieved by successive shades of red orange and yellow applied along the length of the blade.
Side profiles of the Iapetus Robots.
Rear view of the assault robots. I maintained blue as the primary source of light on the battle robots similar to the rest of the Dindrenzi models I have painted.
Second side pictures of the Iapetus battle robots.
I am excited to be back to posting and look forward to getting posts up with my completed Dindrenzi Command Helix, Directorate Assault Helix and Veydreth Recon Helix. 

I am also excited by what I am hearing is in the future for firestorm. Between Allied Core Helixes this winter, some new armada boxes this fall. Hopefully, this will include the Illosians and Saurian Conclave fleets rumored earlier this year. I am particularly excited for the Saurian conclave in both Armada and planetfall. The next 6 months or so appear to be very exciting! 

Until next time!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Omnidyne Ships inbound!

I don't normally post much about Firestorm Armada but Omnidyne's starship design has always fascinated me! I love the ring drives and will definitely be picking up a number of these to supplement my Armada starships.

The below pictures were posted this afternoon on the FSA Admirals League facebook page and are rumored to be part of the June release from Spartan Games.

The original posting can be found here:

I am particularly excited about this release! The designs are fantastic and I appreciate all of the new options that will be released for them.

I know that I have been kinda slow recently. Real life has unfortunately been interfering with my hobbies once more. Hopefully that will be diminishing soon. Until next time, happy reading!

Edit: Spartan has, in fact, announced Omnidyne as being released in June of this year.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dindrenzi Ground Command Helix - Unboxing

I debated on this helix for quite a while before picking up. I have long loved the model and really like the idea of it shaking the ground so much your opponents need to take a disorder test when it deploys. Not to mention its weapon systems, artillery designators and grand nyx company. The additional Damocles Mk1 deployable field guns really also help this helix act as a deployable fire base during a game. I did clean some of flashing before taking picture but there wasn't much. The majority of it is/was on the infantry and the flambard gun attachments.

Outside of box top.
Back of the box with standard information and nice looking picture.
Box interior, there was a lot of stuff packed into this box!
Damocles Mk1 Estok Launchers. I think I am going to magnetize the bases and their gun attachments so I can swap them out easily.
Close up of the Estock launcher pieces. These are the same Estock attachments for the Assault Helix Iapetus robots.
Close up of the Flambard field guns. The gun attachments had some flashing but it was easily removed.
Here is a quick picture of the infantry. Due to my infantry upgrade helix I have already painted a plethora of extras and will likely not paint these for a while. I will probably give them to my son so he has some upgraded infantry fire teams.
The base for the Charon command pod. I absolutely love the little details inside of this. The latters, vents and individual plates show off the incredible detail Spartan is able to cram into these models. 
A second picture to show off some of the land mechanism/clamps.
An overhead shot of the base.
An overhead shot of the command disk. This is a pretty good size hunk of resin. It has some nice details and variations on it surface. It should look great painted with the rest of my forces. Next to the disk I have placed the estock launcher, Rail gun attachment and command dome. 
The only piece of flashing that I could find on the disk was the pour point but this should be fairly easy to clean off of the model. I like the vents and paneling scattered across the disk.
Some cool little engine/vents on the bottom of this thing. They will be fun to be painted up with a little color.
A close up of the add-ons for the disk. Really like how these look on the disk!
A slightly better profile picture of the disk with its base. This sits stable enough that I wont need to glue it which will also have the benefit of making this helix easier to travel with. 
I am really excited to get this one added to the rest of my Dindrenzi forces! It should help me deal with my opponents Leviathan and command barges. I will try to get it painted up as quickly as I can but it may take a bit with how large this monster is. Hope you all enjoy the pictures of the command helix!