Thursday, November 12, 2015

Relthoza Aerial Ground Attack Helix - Unboxing

I just got this the other day and I am really excited to get it put together. The model details look superb. Some of the pieces appear to be repeated from the heavy walker model but this only helps to reinforce the warrior actually inside the armor.

The standard cover. This one is of the smaller design than the core helices are in.
There is a lot of resin crammed within this box considering it consists of just the leviathan and drop pods.
The Massith Drone Nodes. These grant all nearby Relthozan drones the Kill Team Mar. The models are medium sized, similar to the Works Raptor Escape Pod and have a lot of details worked into them.
All of the pieces laid out for the Vaxiss Aerial Leviathan. There sure are a lot of them!

The two attachment points for the wings and the wing blades themselves.

The legs which appear to be the same as for the heavy walker. There is some extra resin for the pour points but nothing that isn't easily removed.
The torso, face mask and arm cannons. Some extra resin for the pour points on the arms but otherwise very little flashing. Great details on all of the pieces. It is going to be awesome to see this guy all painted up!
Picture of the flight base, skydrop marker and base attachment point. Pretty standard stuff.
Overall, I have been really impressed with this model. I really like the details and aesthetics of it. I cannot wait to get it all painted up and on the battlefield. Stats wise this guy seems to be pretty impressive as long as your opponent isn't fielding an aerial interceptor squadron. I could see the terrans and their Ullrs as well as the directorate potentially making this guy a little more cautious. Between cloak, flying and its solid armor values this guy can survive a pretty severe beating. I will try to get some painted pictures up soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Aquan Heavy Armor Helix - Unboxing

Hi everyone! As indicated in the post title I am posting pictures of Aquan Heavy Armor Helix. I picked this up a few weeks back during a sale and am very excited to get these all painted up! This was an easy box to add to my Aquan/Terquai battle forces as the stats seem quite good and all of the models look awesome! I like how beefy the Haumea looks and how streamlined the Locatu's are.

Spartan's standard box.
The standard assortment of resin, bubble wrap and card stock.
The Haumea. It consists of the same standard heavy tank model and the new attachment pictured on the left. Each was in great shape. There was some flashing that had to be removed from the attachment.
The underside of the Haumea and missile attachment. I appreciate all of the detail on the underside of the model.
The Haumea all put together. I really like how bulky, or "beefy", this model is with the missile attachment. I am excited to see this model all painted up on the table.
The Locatu tank destroyers. There was very little flashing on these models and the detail is again superb as is expected from Spartan's models.
The Sirsir Support tank. Same as in the Core Helix. Detail is excellent and there was little to no flashing on the model. 
A second picture of the Locatu tank destroyers so you can see some more of the details that have been crafted onto them. I really like how fast these models look.
All of the bases that came with the models. The stingray nodes are extra as this helix is not allowed to field them. Several of the bases were a little warped but this nothing that a little bit of heat can't fix.
Thanks for reading. I am hoping to post an unboxing of the Relthoza Aerial Ground Attack helix shortly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Planetfall Support/Command Helixes

The next set of Pre-Releases have been announced and they are looking quite awesome. My Aquans take the cake in my opinion although they are all sound very nice look great to match!

A Malani Heavy Command Barge leads the new command Helix. Armed with Corona Heavy Lasers, Twin Maelstrom Turrets and a Stingray missile battery it should be a beast! It is acommpanied by a Khitari Grand Company. Judging from the access hatches on the side of the Malani similar to the Larata leads me to believe it will also be a troop transport. The Malani is also indicated to improve the Votari Crystals around it. Escorting the Malani is a squadron of Marana Light Tank Squadron. This Helix looks fantastic and will definitely be joining my Aquan forces.

Some closer renders of the Malani.

This Helix was a surprise to me. I had not expected a large skydropped transport. The Charon Heavy Drop Pod looks pretty cool in my opinion. From the description it is armed with concussion weapons. From the render it appears to be armed with a heavy rail weapon. It appears to also be armed with a nexus designator to call in the 4 Damocles drop pods. Once the local resistance has been quelled the Charon unloads a grand company of Nyx troopers.

Additional renders of the Charon Heavy drop pod.

2 Trojan cyberwarfare tanks and 6 Deadlocke heavy infantry bases support the new Assailant heavy cyber ops command mover. The Assailant is indicated to be armed with devastating short range plasma surge weapon. The punisher drones allow for 3 different artillery strikes during a game. This looks to be a very fun new helix to command and a very dangerous helix to play against.
Additional Assailant renders.
The Relthoza have continued their tradition of spire dropping with the Javi Heavy Command Spire.From the description it appears to provide boosts/benefits to all nearby light and armored units. After being deployed it is indicated to expel the 4 Narissa gunnery nodes. Defending the spire are two Salamis warriors. From the description these sound to be fearless. Overall a very interesting helix.
Additional Javi heavy command spire renders.

This was probably my second favorite helix after the Aquan. The sleek open topped Jol'Tak command skiff looks fantastic. Armed with a Titan cannon and grenade launchers it should be threat to any non flying units it faces. Escorting the Jol'Tak is a squadron of Recon Walkers which should help deter any enemy flyers. The skiff is also supported by a team of heavy infantry bases. The Jol'Tak is also indicated to have a prototype artillery designator.
Additional renders of the Jol'Tak

The Terran Alliance command helix is anchored around the Slepnir Heavy Command Vehicle. This monster of an APC is indicated to have an excellent CQB rating as well as dual Hammerstrike missile systems. The Slepnir is also indicated to have a prototype shield harmonics projector which will improve the shields of all nearby allies. Not sure what that entails yet but could be quite awesome. The Slepnir is accompanied by a squadron of Ullrs and an infantry grand company. The box contents indicate two sky drop markers which lends me to believe the Slepnir will be able to call artillery strikes as well. Overall a very cool looking set.
Additional Slepnir Renders
Very excited about the new command helices! I think all of them add some very cool new models and options to the existing forces. The Aquan command barge will definitely be joining my forces once released.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Relthoza Recon Helix - Painted

My recon helix followed the same scheme as the core helix. Having played a couple of games with these guys I have to say I have been impressed with all of the units. The Jamriss heavy drones are by far the stand out unit however. The amount of firepower these little guys can output is incredible and when near one of the spires they are even better.

Recon Helix ready to head out!
Yayiss Ya heavy spires - Definitely feel and look beefier than the Yayiss spires.
Side profile of the heavy spires.
Caramis Anti-Air walkers - These guys have died early both games I have played with them but appear to be pretty good which is good since they are required in the helix :)
Side shot of the Caramis walkers.
Jamriss heavy drones - Cannot overstate how awesome these little guys are! Also think the thorax cannon/mortars are hilarious and awesome.
Closer picture of the Jamriss drones.
Side picture of the Jamriss drones.
I enjoyed painting this helix though at the same time I am glad to be done with all of the little drones for these guys.

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Planetfall Aerial Ground Assault Helixes and Terquai Armada ships!

I know I am a little late to the game with this but very excited for the next release this October 28th! I have been waiting a very long time for the Terquai Patrol fleet. I am also very excited for the Relthozan & Aquan Ground Assault Aerial helixes! Now I just have to decide if I will be picking up the Aquan Interceptor Aerial Helix for the awesome gunship and mirror crystal or go with the super awesome looking Ground Assault Helix. You can read the little blog post on Spartan's website.

Love the aesthetic of these! The Kalari and Comanu gunships have a very high tech organic vibe to them. I think these will likely be requisitioned for my Terquai/Aquan forces.
I like how streamlined these look. Particularly the Deadalus gunships. The Icarus are cool as well though I would prefer them have slightly larger wings.
Some very cool new flyers for the Directorate. Shade heavy gunships and Phantom gunships. Looks like they will have the ability to call artillery strikes which is awesome.
This guy is fantastic! Probably my favorite of the releases. The Vaxis Ground Attack Leviathan and its Missith Drone Pods will definitely be joining my Relthozan forces.
Some very sleek and cool looking new aerial units for the Sorylian Collective. Two Sar'Mak Heavy Gunships and Three Vro-Mak gunships.
I love the Dellingr Heavy Transport and its two escorting Hermoor gunships. I really enjoy the fact that the Terrans Ground Assault is a little bit different than everyone else. Kinda makes me wish I played Terrans but at least I will be seeing this field by my Brother-in-Law regularly once it is released.
So excited these have been released! An Alkonost Assault Carrier, a squadron of three Turale or Akulkan cruisers and four solid Sular frigates.
This is a nice way to expand your fleet.
The Terquai dreadnought is a beast and looks awesome. I personally love the armored sides and all of the guns/assault pods on them. This is one that will be added to my fleet eventually as well.
The new Xelocian ships are fantastic looking. Definitely a little different than the old models but I honestly find the new models much more interesting. 
I really like this model. It does have some UNSC from Halo vibes but there is nothing wrong with that as I love their ships as well.
A very cool set of releases coming October. I think my wallet has already started crying in anticipation for these minis.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Relthozan Core Helix - Painted

Hi everyone! I have finally had a little time to get some pictures up of my painted Relthozans. The last few months have been like a whirlwind unfortunately. I decided to do something a little different with my Relthozan or more so their bases. I painted their bases as snow covered. I makes them stand out a little more and looks awesome in my opinion.

I wanted my color scheme to be totally different than my aquans so I went with a reddish color and worked backwards from that to determine the scheme.

Relthozan Color Scheme:
Armor - Vallejo hull red, drybrushed with Vallejo calvary brown.
Skin - Vallejo dark sea blue, washed with Vallejo french mirage blue and drybrushed with Reaper misty grey.
Supplemental armor/mesh - Vallejo grey green drybrushed Vallejo white or pale sand.
Visor - Vallejo silver
Eyes/Lights - Vallejo Italian Tank Crew drybrushed Vallejo fluorescent green.
Metal - Vallejo gunmetal grey
Weapon glow/Designator - Successively lighter shades of Vallejo turquesa, Reaper marine teal, Reaper surf aqua and white. Finished with a white stripe down the length of the glowing part of the weapon.

The core helix ready for battle!
Visith Heavy Walker
Different angle shot of the Visith showing off some of his thorax armor.
Varic Support walker inspecting some Jabri drones.

Second pictures of the Varic.
Salamis Medium walkers - These two have probably my star units the few games I have played with them.
More of a side profile of  the Salamis.

Namisc Scout drone walkers.
Side profile of the Namiscs with the Salamis looming in the background.
Yayiss spire with second in background.
Side picture of the spires.
Jabri drone swarms - These have also performed really well in the few games I have played so far. 
Closer picture of a swarm.
More of a side profile of the Jabri swarms. 
Overall, this was a much more time consuming paint scheme than my Aquan scheme but I think the results turned out awesome. Particularly the lighting, I am really happy how all of that turned out. Hopefully I will get my pics of my Recon Helix soon within the next week. Thanks for reading!