Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Planetfall New Alliance Helicies -The Other Three

I gave a brief preview and overview of three of the new alliance core helices that have been released via their beta statistics. I figured that wasn't entirely fair if I didn't give a similar preview and overview of the other three alliance core helices.

Here is a link to the new unit statistics I am looking over and a brief rules change narrative.

Rense System Navy Core Helix
Lemures heavy tank appears to be fielded in squads of 1 or 2. This vehicle is a monster! It has cloaking, fanatical, drone nexus 12", hover vehicle as well as being a transport for the heavy infantry cadre. On paper this vehicle seems like it might need to be toned down a little. It has two 32" range blasters with Anti-personnel and corrosive. They are also equipped with solid armor values. On top of this the Lemures give all Dindrenzi and RSN units fearless if they are fighting Terran or Hawker forces.

Cherubim medium battle robots will be fielded in squadrons of 2 similar to the Relthoza. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These guys have a blaster weapon with an optimum firepower range of 12" though they can hit out to 16". These guys also have asset drop(1), cloaking, fanatics, hard target -1, sky drop, thunderous charge and a melee weapon. They also are very well armored due to the small squad size.

Scutum light tanks appear to fielded in squads of 3. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These guys appear to be a super hover scout squad. They come equipped with cloak, fanatics, hard target(-1), recon, sky drop as well as take & hold. These guys also have a special rule called powered descent jets which allows them to move over all intervening terrain when moving flat out. Compared to the other recon vehicle squads currently available these guys have a solid weapon with a comparatively long range of 16".

Asbolus Commandos - From the description and lore these guys seem really mean. They are fielded in squads of 4 bases. They come equipped with drone, fanatics, hard target(-1), hit and run as well as take and hold. Similar to the scout tanks these guys have good armor and comparatively longer range than their peers at 15"

Veydreth Tribes Core Helix
Jor-Mek heavy tank appears to be fielded in squads of 1 or 2. This vehicle is equipped with a number of special features including: advanced targeting array, hover, orbital support(1), take and hold as well as hit and run. Fairly mobile with an 8" move it also has very solid armor for a heavy tank. Its weapons consist of a heavy beam lance with an option fire range of 5"-20. There is also a secondary cannon with a range of 10". This creates a sweet spot between 5"-10" where this vehicle throws 28 dice! Very much looking forward to seeing this model once it is rendered.

Vol-Tal medium tanks will be fielded in squadrons of 3. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. The Vol-Tal has a solid beam lance weapon with an optimum fire range of 5"-20" similar to the Jor-Mek. They are equipped with hover, hit and run as well as take and hold. Average armor and speed lead them to appear to be a solid medium choice.

Ul-Kar-Nor medium tanks will be fielded in squadrons of 3. Up to 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. This squad is really interesting in that it is equipped with a bombard cannon and its statistics indicate it can move or fire. The lore also indicates that this unit will be quadrapedal which will be awesome to see! They have decent armor for a medium but no shields or other special rules to keep them safe. They have the special rule indirect fire which allows them to shot at something without having line of sight. The Ul-Kar-Nor have a solid firing range of 6"-24" with 9 dice each.

Hal-Su light tanks appear to fielded in squads of 4. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. The Hal-Su are equipped with hard target(-1), hover, recon, hit and run as well as take and hold. They are extremely tough with a DR of 7 and fairly standard light cannons. From the lore these also sound like they will be quadrapedal which will be awesome. I personally like the walkers and if these are inspired by the Sorylian walkers they will be excellent!

Works Raptor Core Helix
UXB-187 'Agares' super heavy tank appears to be fielded in squads of 1 or 2. It is listed as a super heavy tank which its weapon certainly lives up to. The takeover battle lance can throw 16 dice at up to 36". Its armor appears on par with other heavy tanks though it also adds cloak which makes it tougher than its peers. It is also a hover vehicle with sectored armor, orbital support(3) and drone nexus(12"). The Agares also has two nexus designators to dial in their orbital support. IT appears to be very scary vehicle which will be hard to take down. Looking forward to playing against this guy and seeing what it looks like!

DAS-74 'Byleth' medium tanks will be fielded in squadrons of 3. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. The Byleth is equipped with cloak, hover vehicle, sectored armor as well as take and hold. Their lore lists them as an anti-air vehicle and their weaponry supports this. They have a solid missile battery which excels in the 10"-15" range but can hit enemy units up 25" away.

UIV-3 'Forneus' light tanks appear to fielded in squads of 4. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These appear to be high speed infiltration vehicle. The have a great movement speed with a short range flamethrower attack. They are equipped with cloak, hover vehicle, recon specialist as well as take and hold. I like the sound of these and I think my son will get some excellent use out of them once they are released.

DTP-4 Hellion Drone flyers - The drones are available in squads of 4 and up to 2 of these squads can be fielded in a core helix. The come equipped with cloaked, drone, fearless and sectored armor. They move quickly and have a powerful CQB attack. They appear to be primarily used for harassment and infantry slaying. 

All of these helices look and sound exciting to me. I am particularly intrigued by the Veydreth helix though it does not dethrone the Terquai and Ba'Kash which will definitely be my top two picks of the new helices. I am very much hoping that they will not be the last helices released. I'm close to finishing the Kingdom of Denmark surface assault fleet and looking forward to a break from painting Dystopian Wars. I'm just not sure if Planetfall or Warmachine will be calling me more strongly to paint next! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Planetfall Alliance Helices Update and statistics review

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a flurry of updates for the impending Planetfall 2.0 ruleset release coming up this August. Also, as of today Beta/In-progress stats for the alliance factions and the big 6 have been released giving the community a glimpse into what is coming for the game.

As part of these updates Spartan Derek has been announced as being the lead designer for Planetfall and Armada in the Firestorm Universe. This is a move that I am most excited about. For one it looks to help remove the bottleneck that existed in the past at Spartan. Hopefully this means that we will have a more stable release table for the games and better communication as everything won't be going through just one person.

Here is a link to the blog post Spartan made regarding their plans for the Firestorm Universe throughout 2017.

Here is a link to the new unit statistics and a brief rules change narrative.

There has also been a Beta/In-progress render of the new Hawker Core Helix shared.
Hawker Core Helix Units - Senechal Heavy Tank, Squire Medium Tank, Halberd Light Tank and Crossbow Gun Emplacement. The APC has been scrapped it sounds like.
From looking at the Beta Unit Stats the Hawker Core helix will breakdown into:
Senechal heavy tanks which will be fielded in squads of 1-2. It appears that it will have take & hold which could be pretty awesome.

Squire medium tanks which will be fielded in squads of 3. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These also appear to have take & hold which makes the new helix very good at acquiring objectives. In comparison to the Terran Heimdals the Squire has longer range thoough not as powerful at point blank.

Halberd light tank which will be field in squads of 4. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. In comaprison to the Terran Valkyrie these appear to be tougher but lack shields they do hit quite a bit harder per vehicle though they are limited to 4 in a squad versus 5.

I have also looked over the Veydreth, Ba'Kash and Terquai new Helices and I have to say I am extremely excited for these! There are no renders as of yet but from the statistics they all sound very fun!

Terquai Empire Core Helix
Ashilla heavy tank appears to be fielded in squads of 1 or 2. This vehicle has a built-in temporal portal to deploy the Nabis drones. Similar to the gunship this vehicle doesn't have the best armor but it makes up for it with its massive quantity of shields. Looking at its weapons it appears to have 360 degree threat radius with optimum weapon values between 12" and 20". Though it has beam weapons that can hit all the way out to 30". Rounding this guy out is drone nexus(18") to ensure the Nabis drones are operating at maximum efficiency.

Lamellia medium tanks will be fielded in squadrons of 2 similar to the Relthoza. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These guys have two beam weapons each with an optimum firepower range of 12" to 24" though again they can hit out to 30". These guys also have drone nexus(12") to help with the Nabis drones.

Asarra light tanks appear to fielded in squads of 4. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These are fairly different compared to other recon units. For one it sounds like it will be quadrapedal with lots of armor and a powerful gun on each. The do not appear to be very fast to counter balance their weapons and armor.

Nabis drones update - These guys which were awesome before can now be field in one of two variants. The assault Nabis is what was present in Planetfall already. The new Firepower Nabis swap out their CQB weapon for shoulder mounted Nuravi missiles which is awesome! I can't wait to acquire some of these!

Ba'Kash Clans Core Helix
Nubaro massive tank is maybe squads of 1. Perhaps squads of 1 or 2. In the current statistics these appear to have decent armor, no shields and hard target(-1) which gives them decent survivability. These guys act as a transport for their light tanks and can even replace a destroyed Hulash during a game once.

Marku medium tanks appears to be fielded in squads of 2. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. These guys come with hard target, hit and run and fearless. Good armor supports what appears to be a short range brawler type medium unit.

Hulash light tanks appear to be fielded in squads of 5. 1 or 2 squadrons can be utilized in a core helix. They are fearless with hard target(-2) in addition to the standard light tank MARs.

Karal Infantry Pack appear to be fielded in cadres of 4 bases. The look to be fearless with Killteam(1) and jet packs which allow them to run and still fire their missile launchers. These guys sounds awesome and honestly I am excited to get an idea of what the Ba'Kash look like.

Thats all I have for today. I am excited to play around with these new unit statistics! Now I just need to get my brother-in-law over for game to try these out. I can imagine he will be excited for the Hawker and RSN releases. Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sorylian Collective Core Helix - Unboxing

I finally gave in and picked up this helix. I have been eyeing these guys since last summer. They also pair with my wife's Veydreth Clans. With the recent announcement from Spartan that the 2.0 rules will be released in August I am really excited to see the new rules and how they pair up. I doubt they will dethrone my Relthoza but I am looking forward to playing a few games with them against my son and brother-in-law.

Without further ado:

The back of the box with the list of contents and inspirational picture of the helix painted.

Huk'Ka - Love all of the details present on this model. Really like how alien it looks. There was really no flashing to clean on this model.

Huk'Ka main cannon. Cool little gun. I'm excited to paint this up!

Bor'Ka trio of walkers. Lots of little pieces for this guys. Again I really like all of the details that Spartan crammed onto these models. Surprisingly little flashing again on these models.

Closer picture of the Bor'Ka torso and legs.

Second close up of the Bor'Ka. This one is showing off the legs more than the torso.

Bol'Vak Transport Skiff - I honestly love this model and the soldiers strapped to the side. There was some flashing at the pour point at the back but it was easily removed.

Second picture of the Bol'Vak showing the underside.

A picture of all of the Sorylian Infantry Squads - A Kul'Vok Heavy Infantry Cadre and a Mul'Kat infantry cadre. 

A closer picture of the Bul'Vok Heavy infatry - These guys look great! I really like their poses. Its also awesome to get to see the appearance of some of the Sorylian collective races.

A second close up of the Bul'Vok Heavy infantry. Standard amounts of flashing to be removed. 

A closer picture of some of the Mul'Kat infantry bases. I like the different types of barricades that they have to hide behind compared to the "standard barricades" some of the other races have to hide behind.

Ka'Kun Light Recon Skiffs - I personally really like these. Its pretty cool to think of these flying up to an objective and jumping off to occupy. Again little to no flashing to clean off and lots of excellent details crammed onto the models.

I hope you enjoy looking over this unboxing. I am looking forward to painting these sometime soon. I am currently still finishing up painting up a Kingdom of Denmark Assault fleet to sell for Dystopian Wars. Once that little project is done I should be free to paint this or some of my Warmachine units I have picked up recently. Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Kingdom of Denmark Surface Assault Group - Unboxing

 I picked this up recently to paint as a commission for someone. I love the Asgard Carrier and the appreciate the airships for the Danish. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

The exterior of the box.

Asgard Carrier, I really like the little details on the underdeck of this carrier.

Second picture of the Asgard carrier.

Fafnir Light Skyfortresses. Really like these models too!

Second shot of the Fafnir Light Skyfortress.

Magni Assault Blimps, Asgard tower, Tyr Assault Craft and SAS tokens.

Second picture of the Magni Assault Blimps.

 I have been debating on a color scheme for these guys. As of now I am thinking of a dark blue with grey and white stripes and some red accents to tie in the danish flag. I will definitely be planning to do a cross on the Asgard carrier deck. Looking forward to getting these painted.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Long time no see!

Hello all,
Its been a little while since I last posted. I must apologize for that. My youngest decided to take a month or so break from sleeping. The sleep deprivation definitely decreased my drive to type up posts. I still made some progress painting my list of mini's but not as much as before then.

I have also seemed to have jumped projects a little more than normal. I have made progressed on my Dystopian Wars Chinese Federation Aerial box. I completed the majority of a custom Firestorm Armada Pathogen fleet. I dug out my old unpainted League of Italian States models and painted them up.

My son has also convinced me to try Privateer Press's Warmachine. He had asked me a couple of times over the past year to give it a try so we looked into it further. I like how rules play out, some of the warjack combat options can get a little confusing but the game we played was a blast! After doing some research I decided to give the Retibution of Scyrah a try and then picked up some minis for Cygnar and the mercenaries as I couldn't quite decide which I wanted to try the most. My son decided Khador was his favorite and picked up their starter box. Our first game had my Retribution guys get stomped by the Khador heavy warjacks.  We had a blast however and my mind has already started working through what I can do differently next time. My brother-in-law has also bought into Warmachine/Hordes to play as well though we have not had an opportunity to play yet. He elected to pick up a Convergence of Cyriss forces as well as Everblight. I'm very curious to play a round against Everblight and see how different the risk management of Hordes differs from the resource management of Warmachine.

If you haven't seen the new Spartan release this month, the 10/15mm building ruins look fantastic. I took advantage of my Corinthian Club membership and picked up several of the ruins, The Corsican Incident and the Dawn of Souls objective marker. I am pretty excited to get all of these and paint them.
SS Dawn of Souls

Bonus Structure I got for purchasing on Easter weekend. This thing looks pretty sweet! I really like seeing the infantry bases within the building for scale.
I hope to get some pictures of my Pathogen models up this weekend as well as do some in progress pictures of my Warmachine forces. Hopefully my kids and lighting will cooperate so I can get another post or two made. Hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Painting & Terrain Progress

Things have been pretty quiet around here. My brother-in-law has been unavailable much over the past few weeks so I haven't had much opportunity to play anyhting. I have managed to paint and build a second town for Dystopian Wars as well as the harbor set and half of the airfield set I purchased last year.

Trying to a get a layout put together for the second town.

Re-laid the town out after getting the board and roads painted.
First couple coats of paint on the buildings. Really like how the brick looks on the buildings.
Final picture of the town and research campus. Really happy with how this turned out!
First bit of the harbor districts painted. I was pretty excited when I got these painted up. I am looking forward to seeing this on the game board.
Just a picture with the new town and the two harbor sections together.
A final pictures showing the airfield I painted and the center harbor section. 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures. These have been a lot of fun to paint and build. I am really excited to get a couple of games in with my brother-in-law once his life calms down a little. I have already started a new project for some additions to my Armada collection. I hope to put some pictures or teasers up soon. Still have a couple of models left to finish before then, Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Building a Dystopian Wars Town

I have been working on a little town for Dystopian Wars recently as I noted in my previous post. I figured it would be helpful to put up a set of pictures and steps for how I have put the whole thing together.

I used a thin black artist canvas for the base and then added black foam board and green stuff, (Kneadatite), to create the landscape. The buildings will be from Brigade Armor's 2mm line of buildings purchased from as well as some of the Dystopian Wars buildings. The trees and crops are from Galeforce 9.

Black canvas, black foamboard and green stuff
I effectively painted a pva glue over the board and covered with a fine sand.
I glued the buildings on and spray painted the board black.
I layered some greens and browns on the board to begin the process of making the land look like land.
This picture was taken after I had done some of the rocks and stone buildings.
This was taken after I had done the terracotta roofing and sandstone buildings. I also went back and added shadowing to all of the building doors and windows.
I then went back and added some vehicles and a packed up Farm vehicle to make the town feel a little more lived in. In the background you can also see that I used some flocking to create a planted field.
A picture of the finished town. I went back and added around a dozen more buildings to the town to help it feel a little more substantial. Honestly I am thrilled with how it has turned out!
A second picture from a different angle of the finished town . I can't wait to use this for a game!
Thanks for reading! I am continuing my creation of dystopian terrain. I should have some harbor districts done followed by an airport and second town in the next week or two.