Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Omnidyne Ships inbound!

I don't normally post much about Firestorm Armada but Omnidyne's starship design has always fascinated me! I love the ring drives and will definitely be picking up a number of these to supplement my Armada starships.

The below pictures were posted this afternoon on the FSA Admirals League facebook page and are rumored to be part of the June release from Spartan Games.

The original posting can be found here:

I am particularly excited about this release! The designs are fantastic and I appreciate all of the new options that will be released for them.

I know that I have been kinda slow recently. Real life has unfortunately been interfering with my hobbies once more. Hopefully that will be diminishing soon. Until next time, happy reading!

Edit: Spartan has, in fact, announced Omnidyne as being released in June of this year.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dindrenzi Ground Command Helix - Unboxing

I debated on this helix for quite a while before picking up. I have long loved the model and really like the idea of it shaking the ground so much your opponents need to take a disorder test when it deploys. Not to mention its weapon systems, artillery designators and grand nyx company. The additional Damocles Mk1 deployable field guns really also help this helix act as a deployable fire base during a game. I did clean some of flashing before taking picture but there wasn't much. The majority of it is/was on the infantry and the flambard gun attachments.

Outside of box top.
Back of the box with standard information and nice looking picture.
Box interior, there was a lot of stuff packed into this box!
Damocles Mk1 Estok Launchers. I think I am going to magnetize the bases and their gun attachments so I can swap them out easily.
Close up of the Estock launcher pieces. These are the same Estock attachments for the Assault Helix Iapetus robots.
Close up of the Flambard field guns. The gun attachments had some flashing but it was easily removed.
Here is a quick picture of the infantry. Due to my infantry upgrade helix I have already painted a plethora of extras and will likely not paint these for a while. I will probably give them to my son so he has some upgraded infantry fire teams.
The base for the Charon command pod. I absolutely love the little details inside of this. The latters, vents and individual plates show off the incredible detail Spartan is able to cram into these models. 
A second picture to show off some of the land mechanism/clamps.
An overhead shot of the base.
An overhead shot of the command disk. This is a pretty good size hunk of resin. It has some nice details and variations on it surface. It should look great painted with the rest of my forces. Next to the disk I have placed the estock launcher, Rail gun attachment and command dome. 
The only piece of flashing that I could find on the disk was the pour point but this should be fairly easy to clean off of the model. I like the vents and paneling scattered across the disk.
Some cool little engine/vents on the bottom of this thing. They will be fun to be painted up with a little color.
A close up of the add-ons for the disk. Really like how these look on the disk!
A slightly better profile picture of the disk with its base. This sits stable enough that I wont need to glue it which will also have the benefit of making this helix easier to travel with. 
I am really excited to get this one added to the rest of my Dindrenzi forces! It should help me deal with my opponents Leviathan and command barges. I will try to get it painted up as quickly as I can but it may take a bit with how large this monster is. Hope you all enjoy the pictures of the command helix!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Veydreth Recon Helix - Unboxing

I am pretty excited to post pictures of these models. I have long admired the Veydreth Planetfall models. Honestly, I am hoping that their future core helix has some infantry models as I really would like to see what the "star dragons" look like. More excitingly the Veydreth mark my wife's foray into Planetfall which will only add to the fun of playing this game!

On to the models.

Box Cover.
The back of the box cover. Whoever painted these did an excellent job with the light sources in my opinion.
Nuk-Su Light skimmers. I really like the model for these. They look fast and dangerous. Like the majority of Spartan's light models these do not have any details on their underside. 
Second picture of the Nuk-Su Skimmers. 
The top side of the Yok-Ta medium Skimmers. As you can see from the picture these have pre-drilled holes for magnets already which is really pretty cool. I like the design of the medium skimmers, they look really nice with the light skimmers. 
This is the underside of the Yok-Ta models. Interesting fact but I think the mounting piece is the same as the mounting piece for the RSN destroyer model. Comparing them it appears that the piece is the same. Again you can see the magnets I already added to the turrets. This was super easy as Spartan already had the holes for the magnets built in to the models.
The Yok-Ta models assembled. 
Overall these are a really cool set of models. I am excited to paint them. These guys will be a little bit more of a challenge than normal for me as I will not be picking their color scheme. That will be all up to my wife I just have to make the scheme work.  I forgot to add that this set did come with two of the artillery drop markers. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of them.

I will try to get some additional posts up soon. Work has been crazy busy recently so it has been hard to find time to write up the battle report I want to get up. This will hopefully all calm down soon so I can get some more posts written. Until next time!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Battle Reports from this weekend

I had the good fortune this weekend of playing two games of Planetfall.

The first game was against my wife. This was very small game just so she could learn how the game worked. She chose my Dindrenzi for her first foray while I field my Aquans. We each fielded a minimum sized core helix to keep the game short and uncomplicated. On the first turn we traded some shots and my Imzani's slightly longer movement allowed them to take the secondary objective at the center of the board. She took her tertiary objective with her Letos. At the end of the first turn her Kratos Heavy tank had been damaged and my Lamana squadron had been damaged. Our planetfall counters, which started at 7, were at 6 and 5. During the second turn we both deployed around the secondary objective where my Imzani squadron was damaged and my Lamana squadron was destroyed as was her Kratos. Her Letos also contested the objective. At the end of the second turn our counters were down to 2 and 1. During the last turn I moved my Sedna up to protect my last Imazni but was unable to finish off her Eris squadron. In a desperate gamble I moved my imzani behind her letos but only managed to destroy one. She ended the game destroying my last Imzani. At the end of the game our planetfall counters were: Dindrenzi -3 and Aquans 1.

For the second game my brother-in-law and I played an allied force versus my dad.

Zenian Forces
Directorate Core Helix
Desolator Heavy Tank
Retaliator Medium Tank Squadron
Informer Light Tank Squadron
Intruder Assault Vehicle with Patriot Light Infantry Cadre

Directorate Recon Helix
Anarchist Light Tank Squadron

Directorate Assault Helix
Nemesis Robot Battle Squadron
Purgation Medium Battle Tank Squadron

Kurak Forces
Terran Core Helix
Vidar Heavy Tank
Heimdall Medium Tanks
Partial Valkyrie Light Tank

Terran Assault Helix
Loki Battle Robot Squadron

Terquai Recon Helix
Iophon Heavy Gunship
2x Temporal Portals
2x Nabis Heavy Infantry Cadre

Starting Planetfall Score: 20
Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of notes on this game but after the first turn the Directorate was at 15 and Alliance forces were at 16. At the end of the second turn Directorate forces were at 11 and Alliance forces were at 8. The third turn was a blood bath and both forces made planetfall with the Directorate edging out the Alliance forces -9 to -8.
This was a really close game. My Dad's forces played quite well, particularly his purgation medium tanks and Retaliator medium tank squadrons. The Nemesis walkers absorbed a lot of fire from Terran and Terquai forces before going down. My initial impression was that they were exceedingly dangerous and will generally be one of my first targets in the future. My Nabis drones performed excellently, damaging a Nemesis and destroying the Patriot Cadre. The Heimdalls, as always, were my brother-in-law's star squadron.

Overall it was a very fun game and very close all the way until the end. I'm still working on getting pictures up of my Dindrenzi Assault Helix but hopefully that will be soon. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Relthoza Assault Helix - Painted

I have been excited about this helix since I first saw the renders and painted it is a thing of beauty. I have also played a game recently and my forces included this helix. I found this helix performed quite well. The Salavi-Kei was a meat shield and absorbed an artillery strike for two damage as well as multiple attacks from an Odin Leviathan and Loki Assault Robot. The Jakariss were a solid support unit, hard to hurt with a good ranged attack.

Salavi-Kei picture from the front.
Additional picture of the Salavi-Kei.
Side profile picture of the Salavi-Kei. I was really happy with how blue light effects turned out.
Close up picture of the Salavi-Kei. He's just wanting to give a hug!
Jakariss Light Walkers - These guys turned out much better than I initially thought. I was worried that the red would be a little overpowering. Again I really like the blue lighting on them.
A second picture of the Jakariss from a little further away.

I really like how this helix turned out. The models look great and honestly turned out better than I had hoped. As far as play style goes I have really enjoyed the new changes the most recent statistics brought to the Relthoza. They feel more predator like and a little less overpowered which makes them a little more of challenge to play but also more rewarding to play.

I have finished painting my Dindrenzi assault helix and hope to get some pictures of that up soon as well as a battle report using V6 rules for the Relthoza.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dindrenzi Federation Heavy Armor Helix - Painted

I was finally able to get my heavy helix painted up. I'm really happy with how these guys turned out. The Ares heavy support tank in particular I feel really turned out excellently. I tried to continue the same red and white scheme while also changing it slightly. I added some additional dark grey panels to the vehicles. I also tried to add more blue light sources.

Ares Heavy Support Tank with accompanying Circe Support Tank.
Side shot of the Ares Heavy Support Tank with Circe.
Overhead picture.
Close up of the Ares.
A little better picture to see the weapon glow.
Underside of the Ares Heavy Support Tank.
Gorgos Tank Hunters with accompanying Circe Support Tank.
Gorgos Tank Hunters different picture profiles.
Close up of the Gorgos Tank Hunters.
Close up of the accompanying Circe.
Underside of the Gorgos Tank Hunter and Circe Support Tanks. 
I have not yet had the opportunity to field this helix but I am really excited to see them in action. The models turned out great and look really sharp on the field. I am moving on to work on the assault helices and get them painted up next. I will try to get some pictures up before too long.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dindrenzi Assault Helix - Unboxing

My last unboxing for the Assault Helix pre-orders. I really like the look and statistics for dindrenzi assault helix. Surprisingly I may be more excited for the Hades medium tanks than I am for the assault robots themselves. Having a medium tank that can capture objectives is going to be awesome!

Box exterior.
Back of box, contents and background.
Box interior contents.
Hades Medium Missile Tanks - Underside and topside. I really like the aesthetics of the tank and I am really excited to get it painted.
Bases - Pretty standard looking.
Iapetus weapons - I really like that the ranged weapon for the robots looks like a shield.
Legs, torso and head for the Iapetus. This thing is a beast. I really like its appearance!
Similar to the previous picture but showing the backside of the torso pieces.
BONUS - This is the bonus objectives for pre-ordering the Dindrenzi Assault Helix. Its a cool little marker. I only had 4 for the picture because I had given my son the fifth already. 
This looks to be a really solid helix statistically and aesthetically. Its going to look great painted up. I am really excited to field this helix in one of my next games. I will be sure to try and get a few battle reports posted to show the new assault helices in action. Thanks for reading!