Monday, July 27, 2015

Relthoza Recon Helix - Unboxing

As promised here are the pictures of the Relthoza Recon Helix I purchased. Again I love the spires. These definitely have some mass to them. They are actually heavy feeling compared to the majority of the other planetfall miniatures I have.  Details are again excellent. The Camaris Anti-Air walker is not my favorite Relthozan unit but the heavy spires more than make up for them.

I am not sure if this is common to the Relthozan Recon Helix boxes but mine came with an interesting mistake. If you notice on the pictures below the logo on the box isn't quite right. Maybe the Directorate funded the Relthozan recon helixes but I think that is supposed to be the Relthozan symbol instead of the Directorate. Oops!

Box Exterior - Looks like a small mistake was made on the logo!

Yayiss Ya Heavy Spires. I love, love these models!

Camaris Anti-Air walker squadron. Very good detail though not my favorite miniature.

Accessory bag. I have gotten white dice in all of the other box sets so far. I am not sure why this one came with green.

Jamriss heavy drones - These little guys look pretty darn cool. I am definitely looking forward to getting them all painted up!

Closer picture of the Jamriss drones.
Again, I was very pleased with the level of quality that Spartan delivered with these miniatures. There were a couple of items that seemed kinda off. Namely the green dice instead of white and the Directorate logo on the box cover but luckily neither of these impacted the quality of the box contents. I am trying to get these painted up soon. Hopefully I will have time to post some pictures of my painted warriors in the next week or two!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Relthoza Core Helix - Unboxing

Initially, I wanted to only play one faction for this game but after playing several rounds with my Aquans, thoroughly enjoying them I might add, I was having too much fun not to invest in more minis.
The Relthoza have always intrigued me, I like the idea that instead of a tank they are a veteran fully grown warrior. Also their matriarchal/caste based/samurai insectoid society is really cool, in my opinion. These guys can also ally with my son's Works Raptor forces from a lore standpoint. At least thats what I kept telling myself.
I have provided pictures of the contents of my new core helix box and soon I will post pictures of the recon helix. I can say already that the spires are even better looking in person than the renders.

Core Helix box exterior

Box interior contents. Normal Spartan pacakging.

Yayiss Spires. Love this model!

Namisc Recon Walker - Very cool little model with some good details.

Full Squadron of Namisc Recon Walkers.

Medium Walker bases, legs and weapons.

Close up of the legs and weapons.

Medium walker torsos and heads. The Salamis is a little better than I thought it would be based on the render. I love the Varic head model. It looks fantastic.

A different view of the Medium walker torsos and heads.

Visith Heavy Walker parts. I really, really like this model.

Second picture of the Visith.

A squadron of Jabri drones. This little guys are really cool. I am excited to get them all painted up!

Close up of the Jabri drones.

Second close up of the Jabri drones.
Overall, I am really excited about my new Relthoza minis. The models are fantastically detailed. I cannot wait to get them all painted up!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Works Raptor Recon Helix - Painted by my son

My 4-1/2 year old son and I got his Works Raptor miniatures painted up. He picked the colors and did most of the painting himself. I did help some and coached him on some painting techniques. He had a blast painting and seems really excited to get some more minis. We may have to expand into Firestorm Armada and get him a few Works Raptor starships to paint and play with. I thought that his miniatures turned out great and was really proud of him for how well he did painting.

My son painting his interceptors.

Finishing up the first coat of blue.
I didn't think to take more pictures while we were painting. Next time I will have to be a little better about taking pictures.

The Recon Helix all painted up.
I think the escape pod is my favorite model out of the helix. Initially it was the only model that I really liked at all aesthetically. However, the recon tanks and the interceptors have grown on me. The escape pod is still by far my favorite.

The escape pod.

Another picture of the escape pod.
The color scheme he wanted was blue, plain and simple. It is his favorite color so it wasn't too much of a surprise. He wanted the guns on the LR-6's to be a pink/ purple color and the underside of the GX-74's was to be a red/orange.

Blue Scheme
Reaper MSP Winter Blue followed with a drybrushing of Reaper MSP Surf Aqua. The front of the tanks and tips of the interceptor wings were drybrushed white.

Tank Guns
The guns were painted P3 Murderous Magenta dry brushed with a lighter shade of pink. I can't remember which paint exactly was used unfortunately.

Interceptor underside
Vallejo Calvary brown drybrushed with Vallejo Vermillion and followed up with more drybrushing with Vallejo Golden Yellow.

The LR-6 Recon tanks.

Second picture of the LR-6 recon tanks.

GX-74 Interceptor squadron.

GX-74 close up.

Underside of the GX-74.
Well that's it for tonight. I will have some new posts once my new Relthoza miniatures get her. I am quite excited to get them and field them against my brother-in-law's Terran Alliance Forces. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planetfall Aerial Helix Preview

Just a quick post this evening. It was revealed today on the Spartan Forums and later on Wayland Games Pre-order page that the next Planetfall release will be the Aerial Helixes. I have attached a link below to the pre-order page where I found them if anyone is interested in reading the descriptions of the helixes.

Wayland Games Pre-Order Page

Aquan Aerial Interceptor Helix - Really love the sleek design of both the Vorati Gunship and the Minnari Interceptors. This helix will definitely be joining my forces in defense of the Subrutan!

Dindrenzi Aerial Interceptor Helix - I really like the Orestes gunship and while I enjoy the Erinyes interceptors they are not my favorite unit.

Sorylian Aerial Interceptor Helix - I again really like the Jor'Mak'Ta gunship but am not as enamored by the Mak'Kun interceptors.

Terran Alliance Aerial Interceptor Helix - Ever since I was a kid I have loved jets and this box beautifully captures that nostalgia for me and takes it into the future. The Sigyn gunship it probably my favorite aerial model out of all of the new models. The Rindr interceptors are also a very sweet model.

The Directorate Aerial Interceptor Helix - I also really, really liked this box. The Ghost interceptor drones are very cool, I like the centered rotor on them. The star for me is again the Revenant gunship. It reminds me of a very beefy SR-71 Blackbird which makes it awesome.

The Relthoza Aerial Interceptor Helix - This one was initially my least favorite of all of the aerial helixes but has since begun to grow on me. I appreciate that Spartan has not tried to call any of the units a gunship or even interceptors. I am not sure why it is referered to as an aerial interceptor helix as it sounds like it should be more like an aerial support helix. I have grown to very much like the Savimasc heavy battle suit. The Halamasc drone pods are interesting but not my favorite unit. The fact that this helix can call in artillery support has further intrigued me. I will almost certainly grab this for my migrant clan!
Overall, I think that the all of the new aerial helixes sound like a lot of fun and certainly look awesome. I was a little thrown off by the Relthozan set initially but after reading its description I am rather excited for it. Looking forward to seeing the statistics for all of these!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Works Raptor Recon Helix - Unboxing

My son wanted to play planetfall with my brother-in-law and I so I let him pick out a set to introduce him to the game. His first choice was the Works Raptor Recon Helix and he seems very excited about receiving it today. We are looking forward to fielding them in a small game soon. He has also been very excited to get them painted.

The contents of the box.

Top view of the GX-74 Interceptor.

Underside of the GX-74 Interceptor.

Another picture of all three GX-74 Interceptors.

LR-6 Recon Tank, very sleek looking.

Close up of the LR-6 Recon Tank.

Another pictures of the LR-6 Recon Tanks.

Crashed Recon Pod, very, very cool miniature.

Second picture of the crashed recon pod.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Terran Light Infantry Upgrade - Unboxing

My brother-in-law wanted to expand his Terran forces with the infantry upgrade box and was nice enough to allow me to do an un-boxing with his new miniatures. Without further ado here are some pictures. I personally really liked the commander models. I know that he loved the sweeper team models using the chain guns. Overall, I was again very impressed with the detail on the models. There is a fair amount of flashing on the bases of the minis but nothing that would be too difficult to remove.

The standard Spartan packaging.

Overhead view of the Terran gun team bases.

Side view of the gun team bases.

The commander bases with riflemen.

The three commander minis in the center. Each appears to be getting a message from central while brandishing a massive pistol. I love the oversized pistol.

Commanders at the top. 4 of the riflemen in the center.

Two more of the riflemen in the center. Two of the commanders on the right.

Sweeper teams bases. I only pulled some of them out of the bag for pictures.

Close up of the sweeper team miniatures.