Thursday, August 24, 2017

Firestorm Galaxy Expansion - Further Renders

Hi again! Just thought I would share a few more renders. The kickstarter is just a few hundred pounds short of being funded which is exciting. Its been nice to see the kickstarter regain some momentum, I'm hoping that it will make several stretch goals. Though unlikely, I really hope that the Illosians Stretch goal is made. We shall see.

New Directorate Light Destroyer- Very sleek and dangerous looking to me.

Heart of the Stars - Character Marauder Ship unlocked when funded for most pledge levels.

Relthoza Light Destroyer - I love this model! Definitely looking forward to acquiring these!

Sorylian Fleet Carrier - Very beefy in my opinion and surprisingly awesome looking!

Spartan redid the stretch goals for the kickstarter which seems to have helped with the resurgence of backers. Unfortunately, the campaign pack is no longer being listed as a stretch goal. I'm hoping that it will still be sold at some point as I am looking forward to setting up a campaign in the future.

I'm hoping for some more Aquan or Relthoza renders next but either way I am excited for the expansion sets! Thank you for reading!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Firestorm Kickstarter - More Renders

Happy weekend all!

Spartan posted some new renders of the Sorylian and Dindrenzi light destroyers. Both of these look fantastic in my opinion. I'm very much hoping to see some Relthoza renders next!

Sorylian light destroyer - I really love the underslung weapons.

Dindrenzi light destroyer - The double rail guns look really good. I like how stocky/beefy this vessel looks. Looks like it hits pretty hard.

The kickstarter is currently at 91% funded and working its way closer to 100%. Within the next few days it should be funded and then we can start working on those stretch goals! Very excited! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spartan Games - Firestorm Kickstarter update

Well, the Firestorm expansion kickstarter appears to be going fairly well so far. Spartan has begun posting renders of the Core nation expansion ships. These look really good so far. I am certainly excited to be a backer since it appears fairly certain that it will be funded. The real question is how many stretch goals will be released. Personally, I am hoping that the Illosians are unlocked but any stretch goals would be awesome!

A timeline has been released so far along with some tidbits regarding the racial histories. I am personally very excited about these. I really like the increased emphasis on the story for Firestorm.

Timeline post

This model is the Aquan torpedo destroyer and I love it! It has definitely made me want to pick up the Aquan Expansion Set. I've wanted to start an Aquan fleet for a while and these may convince me to do it! 
Terran Alliance Light Destroyer - Very cool model

Terran Alliance Battle Carrier - Amazing model, i love the engine configuration!

Pathogen infested Dindrenzi vessel. This looks pretty sweet! It has been indicated that the different races will have different stats when infected. It sounds really cool!
Finally, there has been more uploads for the 3D model views which I will share a link to below.
3D Turnarounds

The kickstarter is sitting at 87%, at least when I checked last. I'm definitely excited for it to fund and see how many of the stretch goals will get unlocked. Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Spartan Games - Firestorm Galaxy Expansion Kickstarter

Well, this was a nifty little surprise when I saw the email that the Firestorm kickstarter had gone live. This kickstarter will implement the 3.0 ruleset as well as release several new factions to the firestorm galaxy. There also appears to be several add-ons for terrain which look and sound awesome. They haven't got all of the renders for the terrain up just yet but the few they do look good.

The majority of the campaign revolves around the new Harbingers of Desolation 2-player set. The standard version of this set provides a Saurian fleet and Pathogen fleet, along with a mini campaign book, rulebook, punch terrain and the standard tokens, templates and dice.

Saurian Dominion (Warrior Caste) starter fleet - Heavy battleship, 2x heavy Gunships, 3x heavy Frigates and a SRS Interceptor.

Pathogen (Prime) starter fleet - Assault Carrier, 3x Cruisers, 6x Frigates and 2x Assault SRS

I really like the new SRS tokens and have always hoped for a long while that Spartan would move to this style SRS token. There has been mention of adding upgrade boxes to the kickstarter so people can get the equivalents for their favorite factions but we will have to see if that happens as part of the kickstarter or just a later release.

The deluxe set provides some exclusive models which include an approximately 6" diameter Saurian border station and a massive Pathogen dreadnought/behemoth.

The Saurian border Station - This thing is pretty beastly in my opinion but will look really nice on a table. 
I am definitely excited to see the Pathogen model equivalent to this! Also included in the Deluxe set is acrylic tokens and an asteroid scenery set.

Similar to the Dystopian Wars Expansion there will be an upgrade box for each of the core 6 factions. Unfortunately, there are no renders for these just yet. Each upgrade box is supposed to contain 1 large squadron, 1 medium squadron and 1 small squadron. This leaves a lot of leeway for what could be in each box but I am very excited to see what may be there. I will likely pick up the upgrade box for my Relthoza in addition to the Deluxe 2-player set.

There will also be 3 narrative books released. A Kurak Alliance book, detailing all of the alliance races, their histories and, finally, some artwork of each race. There will be a similar book for the Zenian League and the Neutral/mercenary factions. These are really excited will potentially provide a massive boost to the fluff and narrative for why we all battle our little spaceships and planetfall forces.

They have a list of stretch goals Starting at 60,000GBP and running up to 170,000GBP. Some of the ones that jumped out at me are the unlocking of the Saurian Elite at 75,000GBP, Flashpoint Campaign pack similar to the dystopian wars oe at 80,000GBP, a Deluxe scenery pack at 100,000GBP and the unlocking of the Illosians at 110,000GBP.

Saurian Dominion (Elite) Heavy Battleship - I honestly like this style a little better than the military caste ships but they are both a very cool aesthetic.

Overall I am very excited about this kickstarter and looking forward to painting these models and hoping to get some of my family interested in playing this. The new ruleset will go a long way with that as it appears to be much faster to play and easier to teach.

I almost forgot to mention, those with a lot of hobby funds can back at the highest level and design their own small, medium or large squadron for any faction which is just awesome but waayyyy out of my hobby budget. I am still very excited to see what is made as the Dystopian Wars models I have seen from this have been awesome!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

July/August Update - Fleet Action 2.0 and Firestorm Strike Force News

Its been a busy month. I haven't remembered to post anything until later in the evenings and then it is too late to get much put together.

Its been a fairly productive month, however. I finished a commission for a client. A Tomb Kings Warrior regiment. For myself I have painted the Dystopian Wars SS Dawn of Souls, the Corsican Incident prison tower, and I am currently about halfway through a set of Trollblood reinforcements: an earthborn dire troll, a trollkin sorcerer, a storm troll, a runeshaper unit and Braylen Wanderheart.

I was so excited to get the warriors regiment sent off I didn't get a full regiment picture taken but I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

There has also been a lot of information released on Firestorm Armada on the Spartan Forums. It is definitely worth checking out if you have any interest in Armada. Overall, I am very curious about the changes, it definitely appears to be a faster game in 3.0 which I am excited about as it makes it more likely I can get someone to play it! Perhaps my Omnidyne fleet will see some action. Just need to get it painted now!

Spartan released the Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action 2.0 rule set and complete nation statistics. Very excited for this as I really liked the Fleet Action ruleset, particularly with land games. It also steamlines the game enough that my son and I can sit down and play a round without him getting too board which is awesome.

Spartan has also dropped some information on a new board game they will releasing which is set within the Firestorm Universe, Firestorm: Strikeforce.
This game looks amazing in my opinion. It reminds me a lot of an old game I used to play with my dad called Dogfight.
This was a seriously fun game. I really like how it used the cards to allow you to duel with your opponents.
I am very excited to pick this up to play with my kids. I am going to wait until there are some Relthoza, Aquan or Sorylian sets are out though first as I don't have as much of an interest in the Terrans.

I have a couple of posts backlogged to put up I just don't have the pictures loaded for them. I have a Sorylian Command Helix I still haven't posted pictures of and a proxied Pathogen Firstorm Armada fleet that I would like to get some pictures posted for. So hopefully I will get those pictures taken posted. I intend to post again soon:) Thanks for reading!