Friday, October 14, 2016

Dindrenzi Ground Command Helix - Painted

Hi all, sorry for the inconsistent posts over the past few months. Between work and the newest addition to our family I have been a little more preoccupied than normal.

I've actually had these pictures since August and just have not had a chance to post them. Better late than never though!

Nyx Grand Company. Very much looking forward to overrunning someone with these guys!
Damocles Flambard turrets. 
Damocles Estock Flack Launchers,
I magnetized the bases so that it would be easy to swap between the flambard and estock drop ons.
The  base for the Charon Command Pod. I tried to create a little bit of a lighting effect coming from above each ladder.
The underside of the command pod. I used the green for the rocket/stabilizers for the pod and then continued the blue for the light sources within the pod.
A picture of both the base and the command pod. I was trying to show off some of the details on the front of the command pod.
An overhead view of the command pod and base. I've been extremely pleased with how this model turned out. My wife made me a stencil for the phi symbol to add it.
The entire Ground Command Helix. The size of the Command pod still surprises me when compared to the other models I have. It is simply huge and stats wise it is a beast calling in artillery strikes, deploying a grand company and still providing fire support. The Command pod seems designed to break a battle line or to consolidate a position. 
I love this helix. Unfortunately, I have not played a game with it yet but I am certainly looking forward to trying it out! Thanks for reading/viewing!