Saturday, January 28, 2017

Recent Progress

I have been working on a couple of little projects over the past few weeks. My brother-in-law has had some interest in Infinity so I have acquired some Nomads to counteract his PanOceania guys. I have painted a trio of Alguaciles. I have also been working small town for Dystopian Wars using some Brigade Models buildings I purchased from

I have also branched out in my hobbies and will be increasing the diversity of the models and games written about on this blog. I will likely always be a Spartan Games fan primarily but I would be lying if I didn't say that Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander looked really interesting. I have strong like of the PHR and Resistance models. Obviously, Infinity has piqued my interest and Dystopian Legions looks rather interesting to me as well depending on the releases made this year. The Russian Coalition has honestly looked really cool despite not being released and the Republique of France once they are fleshed out a little more. Not that I need any more models to paint at the moment :)

Nomad Alguaciles - I went for a red and white scheme with the grey pants.
Mediterainean town - I still need to add some supplies, vehicles and most importantly trees!
I'm hoping to finish up my town tonight or tomorrow. I am not sure what I am going to do for my next project. I have the materials to making a little mining town for dystopian wars. I also still have about 10 Nomads that need to be painted. I started my Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ground forces a while back and I am feeling the call to finish them about now. I have found that I really enjoy the ground combat of Dystopian Wars and Fleet Action so I have collected some pretty solid ground forces and just need to get some photos put together and added to the blog.

I will be putting up a final picture of the town once it is all complete. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Relthoza Ground Command Helix - Painted

This helix was a little different to paint up. I debated for a long while on what colors to do the spire in as well as how to do the Salamis bodyguards. In the end I ended up doing the Salamis in a very similar scheme to what I had done in the core so I could use it with my core sometimes.

The first piece of the helix I painted was the Spire, of course! This thing is awesome in my opinion and much taller than I expected it to be.
Javi Command Spire - I am really happy with how this has turned out! I thought the blue glow effect I tried to create contrasted nicely with the red and sand scheme.

Second picture of the command spire.
The Narissa Gunnary nodes.
Salamis Honor Guard - I like the sand/brown color I used on this pair as opposed to the scheme I used on the original pair.
Second picture of the back of Salamis Honor Guard.
The Relthoza Command Helix.
Sorry it has taken so long to get these pictures put up. I haven't had the opportunity to play a game utilizing this helix yet but I am very excited to. I can certainly see a lot of possibilities for this helix to improve my current forces. Aesthetically and play style these guys continue to hold the top spot for me. I will try to post a report next time I get to bring them out.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Just wanted to post a few pictures of my work in progress for the Relthoza Leviathan. This model has been a lot of fun to paint so far and I am excited to finish it!

Relthoza Varisei Kei Leviathan with red primary coat. Base is all done except for the snow effects.
Side profile of the big guy.
Rear profile picture of the Leviathan
I should have this guy finished by the end of the week. After I get him finished I will probably paint the accompanying Namisc Drones. After that I am undecided on whether to do the barricade set I picked up a while back for something easy or perhaps I will look at doing some work on my unpainted ragtag band of Nomads for the Infinity game. We will have to see. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ba'Kash Aerial Helix - Painted

It has been a long time coming but I finally able to get some pictures taken of these guys. I am thrilled with how the color scheme turned out. I wanted something a little more rusty and run down looking. I think the effect worked out decently, they could be a little more muted color wise and potentially a little more rusty but aesthetically I love the how the colors came out. I debated between a green glow and a blue glow, obviously the blue won, I thought it would contrast better with armor colors.

I haven't had a chance to utilize these guys yet in game but statistically they look like they hit pretty hard. I am hoping that we can get a game or two soon with these guys.

Ba'Kash Aerial Helix. I really like how the blue lighting effects contrasts with the dirty yellow and red armor colors.

Novian Heavy Gunship - Overhead view
Novian Heavy Gunship side profile.
Novian Heavy Gunship rear profile.
Varuko Heavy Attack Flyer - Overhead view.
Varuko Heavy Attack Flyer - Rear view.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Last Year in Review

Happy New Year!

The past year has been a crazy one. It started out  strong with a lot of painting and gaming but ended with much less completed nor any games played. I hope that this year I can be a little more consistent with my updates and gaming. One of the reasons for less updates recently is that with winter and the time change here in the US I have a much smaller window of opportunity to take pictures. This has hampered my ability to post blog updates as most of them have been painting related. I am going to try and get into the habit of taking some pictures each weekend while I have the light to do so and hopefully that will help me post a little more regularly.

I have a decent size backlog of miniatures, (Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, Planetfall & Infinity), to paint this year, which I will list out below. For Christmas I received a Relthoza Firepower Leviathan which I am very excited to paint. It is a fantastic, and massive, model and will look excellent on the gaming table! Ok, on to the statistics and hopeful plans for the new year.

This past year I was able to paint 268 models and played 11 games. I was shocked at how many models I painted throughout the year. I would be thrilled this next year if I can paint a similar number of models. Hopefully, I will be able to work out the time to play a few more games this year compared to last year.

This year I have quite a few models in the queue to be painted. Some of which I have and quite a few I know I will be acquiring at some point in the next few months. Currently on my list I have a large number of dystopian wars models, a couple of planetfall models and several infinity models. I also have some terrain projects for dystopian wars and a couple of things to finish up for planetfall.

Dystopian Wars/Fleet Action
Blazing Sun
Taki-Ashi Heavy Walker x1
Komainu Garrison Tank x6
Ke-Ho Light Tanks x25
27x SAW tokens
3x Node tokens

Chinese Federation
Fei Long Skyfortress x1
Chi Long Assault Flyers x3
Zhulong Interceptors x5
54x SAW tokens

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Perun Mobile Airfield x1
Rarog Landship x1
Palnik Medium Tank x3
Szpada Flame Tank x3
Burza Bombard x3
Poltava Light Tank x4
Rycerz Light Tank x5
16x SAW tokens

Republique of France
Frelon Small Bombers x3
Marceille Light Cruisers x3
Furieux Scoutships x2
Defense Tower x2
36x Saw tokens

Russian Coalition
Kostroma Fleet Carrier x1
6x SAW tokens

Merchant Vessels x4
Oil Rigs x2
City Districts x3
Harbour district x1
Airfield district x2

Bastion Battlestation x1
Pilum Platforms x3

Ichneumann Frigates x4

Onnisha Carrier x1
Hokita Crusiers x6
Akkarai Corvettes x6

Alkonost Assault Carrier x1
Alkulkan Assault Cruisers x3

Varisei-Kei Leviathan x1
Namisc Light Walker x12

Shade Heavy Gunship x2
Phantom Gunship x3
Artillery Marker x2

Buildings x10
Barricade Walls x 10
Relthoza Structure x1
Defense Cannon Structure x1

Starter set x1(6 models)
Reverend Moira Healer x1

To add to this I have been curious about Dropfleet commander. This may lead me to pick up a few of their models to try out a game or two this coming year. We shall see, I honestly don't need anything more to play or paint at the moment. I also backed the Dystopian World expansion kickstarter which will net me something in the neighborhood of 145 new models! So this year looks to be a very busy year for painting which I am very much looking forward to.

I hope everyone reading this has had an excellent first week of the new year. I hope to get some pictures up of my Relthoza Command Helix and Ba'Kash Aerial helix. They have been painted for months now, I just haven't had time to get pictures taken and posted.

I am optimistic to see some of planetfall Allied Core Helices this spring. Particularly the Terquai, Veydreth and Ba'Kash ones. Hopefully Spartan will be able to get these released amidst their busy Dystopian Wars Schedule.