Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dindrenzi Aerial Ground Attack Helix - Unboxing

Happy New Years Eve all!

I received this morning in the mail the Dindrenzi Aerial Ground Attack Helix. I have created quite the backlog of mini's for myself to paint over the next few weeks/months. I wasn't completely in love with these when I saw the renders. The statistics though, are quite nice and very scale-able. Whether you are wanting to add 200 pts to your force or 800 this helix works as a good filler. The speed on these models coupled with hit & run also work to make them some very good units for my elite Dindrenzi forces.

Box cover.

Standard packaging.

Daedalus class heavy gunships and associated attachments. Great detail on the models even on locations like the underside where you ever see it.

Second picture of the Daedalus gunships.

 Icarus class gunships. Again lots of detail packed on these little guys, and lots of attachments.

Closer picture of the Icarus gunships top sides.

Underside of the Icarus class gunships. I don't love these as much as the Daedalus gunships but they are growing on me.

Overall, I like these much better than I thought I would. I hope that they perform well on the tabletop. I'm working my way through my painting and will hopefully have some painted pictures up soon.

As my last post of the year I wish all a happy new year!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix - Unboxing

This helix has always been one that I really liked since they were first released. I love the streamlined look of the gunship and personally I really like that the interceptors match the armada interceptor token. Very cool aesthetics all around. Add to that the fact that the interceptor gunship can call down artillery strikes and its just that much cooler.

Lots of little bits to put on these planes.
The Orestes Interceptor gunship. A wonderfully streamlined model with some excellent stats and abilities
I placed both of the upper engine intakes onto the model.

The underside of the Orestes with engine intakes placed.
The Erinyes interceptors and all of there attachments.
A closer picture of the Erinyes models. Lots of cool little details. One little thing I have noticed about Dindrenzi flyers is that they do not appear to have a cockpit or at least its not readily apparent so far.
Flight bases and Artillery Markers.
Now that I have some holiday and PTO time I hope to get these painted up a little more quickly than I normally do. Hopefully I will have some painted pictures and battle report within by the new year. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dindrenzi Federation Light Infantry Upgrade - Unboxing

Hello all,
I got some time to put together some pictures of the Dindrenzi Infantry Upgrade box. Definitely a little more flashing to cut off since all of the infantry are made from metal. The model poses are good and they are going to look great when painted all up.

The standard goodness all packed into the box from Spartan.
There are two different bases fore the gun teams. There is not much of a difference though. I think the only difference is the solder hiding behind the jersey barrier.

The Nyx commander. The picture shows the front side of the guy on the left and backside on the right.

Another picture of the Nyx commanders. There are two different bases for them.
There are two different poses for the sweeper guys. I was surprised that the Dindrenzi sweepers use missile launchers or at least what looks like a missile launcher. Whatever this weapon is I imagine it would be pretty nasty in CQB. I 'm just glad there is no friendly fire.
Front and back picture of the basic Nyx rifleman.
The Sweeper team bases come in three different variants.
The gun team is really cool looking. The coil repeater is pretty awesome. This will be fun to get painted up!
Thanks for reading. I will try to get the Aerial Interceptor helix unboxing up soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dindrenzi Federation Core Helix - Unboxing

I have always liked the Dindrenzi models for Planetfall and Armada. After my son got there core helix I borrowed them for a game against my Brother-in-laws Terrans. I absolutely loved there playstyle and had to pick up some for myself. With the core helix I also picked up an aerial interceptor helix to get some artillery support as well as the infantry upgrade helix. Depending on how much I enjoy these guys I may look into getting a command helix or the aerial ground attack helix. 

Well, on to the contents of the box. Like all of the core helices I have purchased there is a pretty good amount within the box.

Top view of Kratos heavy tank and Circe support tank.
Underside of Kratos with Circe in background
Underside of Circe support tank.
Top side view of the Eris medium tanks.
Underside of Eris medium tanks.
Squadron of the Leto light tanks with their bases.
Closer picture of a Leto light tank.
Picture of the Damocles Mk2 sky pods.
Two Squads of Nyx light infantry, (4 bases per squad). I really like all of poses that the modelers created for these guys.
Closer picture of a squad of Nyx.
Closer picture of the second squad of Nyx.
The bases are very similar to the bases for the Aquan hover tanks. 
Closer picture of the skydrop markers and Nyx soldiers to add to the infantry bases.
I have played these guys once before so I already know that I will really like their playstyle. Overall, I am very excited to get them painted up. I am thinking of doing them in a dark brown with light blue accents but I am still debating. I will get the other two unboxings up shortly. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Relthoza Aerial Ground Attack Helix - Painted

Hi everyone!
Its been a little while since my last update. This time of year is always really busy for my family but I have found some time to finish painting my Relthozan aerial leviathan. It was a hard model to paint partly because it was a large mode but also because I really struggled initially what to paint the wings. I took a chance going for a pale sandy color to contrast with the dark red and blue inherited from the ground forces.

Relthozan Aerial Color Scheme:
Armor - Vallejo hull red, drybrushed with Vallejo calvary brown.
Skin - Vallejo dark sea blue, washed with Vallejo french mirage blue and drybrushed with Reaper misty grey.
Supplemental armor/wings - Vallejo tan yello drybrushed Vallejo dark sand and pale sand.
Visor - Vallejo silver
Eyes/Lights - Vallejo Italian Tank Crew drybrushed Vallejo fluorescent green.
Metal - Vallejo gunmetal grey
Weapon glow/Designator - Successively lighter shades of Vallejo turquesa, Reaper marine teal, Reaper surf aqua and white. Finished with a white stripe down the length of the glowing part of the weapon.

The Vaxiss leviathan and Massith drones nexus' with sky drop marker.

I glued the legs so that the Vaxiss can land. In fact I like how it looks a little better landed than when it is airborne.

This model is a beast!

Massith drone nexus

Second picture of Massith drone nexi.

I wanted my aerial unit to keep some similarity to the ground forces which is why I re-used the red and blue colors but at the same time distinct hence the new pale sandy colored armor. Overall, I am really happy with how this unit turned out and excited to get it onto a game table. This guy is going to be pretty awesome I think!