Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Planetfall Support/Command Helixes

The next set of Pre-Releases have been announced and they are looking quite awesome. My Aquans take the cake in my opinion although they are all sound very nice look great to match!

A Malani Heavy Command Barge leads the new command Helix. Armed with Corona Heavy Lasers, Twin Maelstrom Turrets and a Stingray missile battery it should be a beast! It is acommpanied by a Khitari Grand Company. Judging from the access hatches on the side of the Malani similar to the Larata leads me to believe it will also be a troop transport. The Malani is also indicated to improve the Votari Crystals around it. Escorting the Malani is a squadron of Marana Light Tank Squadron. This Helix looks fantastic and will definitely be joining my Aquan forces.

Some closer renders of the Malani.

This Helix was a surprise to me. I had not expected a large skydropped transport. The Charon Heavy Drop Pod looks pretty cool in my opinion. From the description it is armed with concussion weapons. From the render it appears to be armed with a heavy rail weapon. It appears to also be armed with a nexus designator to call in the 4 Damocles drop pods. Once the local resistance has been quelled the Charon unloads a grand company of Nyx troopers.

Additional renders of the Charon Heavy drop pod.

2 Trojan cyberwarfare tanks and 6 Deadlocke heavy infantry bases support the new Assailant heavy cyber ops command mover. The Assailant is indicated to be armed with devastating short range plasma surge weapon. The punisher drones allow for 3 different artillery strikes during a game. This looks to be a very fun new helix to command and a very dangerous helix to play against.
Additional Assailant renders.
The Relthoza have continued their tradition of spire dropping with the Javi Heavy Command Spire.From the description it appears to provide boosts/benefits to all nearby light and armored units. After being deployed it is indicated to expel the 4 Narissa gunnery nodes. Defending the spire are two Salamis warriors. From the description these sound to be fearless. Overall a very interesting helix.
Additional Javi heavy command spire renders.

This was probably my second favorite helix after the Aquan. The sleek open topped Jol'Tak command skiff looks fantastic. Armed with a Titan cannon and grenade launchers it should be threat to any non flying units it faces. Escorting the Jol'Tak is a squadron of Recon Walkers which should help deter any enemy flyers. The skiff is also supported by a team of heavy infantry bases. The Jol'Tak is also indicated to have a prototype artillery designator.
Additional renders of the Jol'Tak

The Terran Alliance command helix is anchored around the Slepnir Heavy Command Vehicle. This monster of an APC is indicated to have an excellent CQB rating as well as dual Hammerstrike missile systems. The Slepnir is also indicated to have a prototype shield harmonics projector which will improve the shields of all nearby allies. Not sure what that entails yet but could be quite awesome. The Slepnir is accompanied by a squadron of Ullrs and an infantry grand company. The box contents indicate two sky drop markers which lends me to believe the Slepnir will be able to call artillery strikes as well. Overall a very cool looking set.
Additional Slepnir Renders
Very excited about the new command helices! I think all of them add some very cool new models and options to the existing forces. The Aquan command barge will definitely be joining my forces once released.