Saturday, March 4, 2017

Painting & Terrain Progress

Things have been pretty quiet around here. My brother-in-law has been unavailable much over the past few weeks so I haven't had much opportunity to play anyhting. I have managed to paint and build a second town for Dystopian Wars as well as the harbor set and half of the airfield set I purchased last year.

Trying to a get a layout put together for the second town.

Re-laid the town out after getting the board and roads painted.
First couple coats of paint on the buildings. Really like how the brick looks on the buildings.
Final picture of the town and research campus. Really happy with how this turned out!
First bit of the harbor districts painted. I was pretty excited when I got these painted up. I am looking forward to seeing this on the game board.
Just a picture with the new town and the two harbor sections together.
A final pictures showing the airfield I painted and the center harbor section. 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures. These have been a lot of fun to paint and build. I am really excited to get a couple of games in with my brother-in-law once his life calms down a little. I have already started a new project for some additions to my Armada collection. I hope to put some pictures or teasers up soon. Still have a couple of models left to finish before then, Thanks for reading!