Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dindrenzi Assault Helix - Unboxing

My last unboxing for the Assault Helix pre-orders. I really like the look and statistics for dindrenzi assault helix. Surprisingly I may be more excited for the Hades medium tanks than I am for the assault robots themselves. Having a medium tank that can capture objectives is going to be awesome!

Box exterior.
Back of box, contents and background.
Box interior contents.
Hades Medium Missile Tanks - Underside and topside. I really like the aesthetics of the tank and I am really excited to get it painted.
Bases - Pretty standard looking.
Iapetus weapons - I really like that the ranged weapon for the robots looks like a shield.
Legs, torso and head for the Iapetus. This thing is a beast. I really like its appearance!
Similar to the previous picture but showing the backside of the torso pieces.
BONUS - This is the bonus objectives for pre-ordering the Dindrenzi Assault Helix. Its a cool little marker. I only had 4 for the picture because I had given my son the fifth already. 
This looks to be a really solid helix statistically and aesthetically. Its going to look great painted up. I am really excited to field this helix in one of my next games. I will be sure to try and get a few battle reports posted to show the new assault helices in action. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Relthoza Assault Helix - Unboxing

The Relthoza are perhaps my favorite faction for the Firestorm Universe. I have really enjoyed the bits of lore released and their aesthetic. The idea of a caste based society of ant/spider samurai is just awesome in my opinion. I am very excited to field my new Salavi-Kei Battle Suit and see the havoc it brings to my opponents units.

Standard box exterior.
Back of box with background and contents.
All of the pieces for the Salavi-Kei laid out. This thing is going to be fun to put together and paint!
Similar to previous picture though this one shows the back of the torso and thorax instead of the front.
Various angles of the Jakariss Light Walkers. I really, really like the way these little guys look and their missiles will be quite helpful for clearing enemy buildings.
BONUS - These were the pre-order objectives for the Relthoza. I am not 100% what the structure is but it looks pretty cool and will look pretty cool painted up.
I am really excited to to get this helix assembled and painted. Statistically the helix Heavy Battle Suit is like a mini leviathan. The light walkers also appear to be quite useful and I can see myself using them a lot versus my infantry heavy Terran opponent.

Next up will be the fourth helix unboxing for the Dindrenzi Assault Helix.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Directorate Assault Helix - Unboxing

Part two of my helix unboxings. The Directorate may be my favorite aesthetically which really pains me to say since I really like both my new Relthoza and Dindrenzi assault robots.

Box Exterior, nothing new here.
Back of box cover with contents list and background.
Box interior and contents - Pretty standard fair.
Purgation Medium Battle Tanks. These guys looks really sweet in my opinion. My infantry teams are not looking forward to taking these guys on.
All of the parts laid out for the Accoster Battle Robots. Legs, torsos/heads, plasma fists and missile launcher. Not much flashing at all other than at the pour locations.
Shoulder pads, feet and bases for the Accosters. They should be fun to put together. Really like how flexible the posing appears to be. I won't know for sure until they get put together but it appears that they should have a lot of flexibility with how they can be posed.
BONUS - They were the pre-order bonus objectives for the Directorate and probably my favorite out of the lot received. They should be quite awesome to get painted up!
Overall a very nice set of miniatures. The weapon types and statistics make this a fairly well rounded helix on paper. The Accoster seems well equipped to handle enemy flyers as well as heavy armor and the Purgation medium tanks appear designed to destroy enemy infantry and light vehicles. A very nasty combination in my opinion. We will have to see how they fair in the field!

Next up I will post some pics of my Relthoza Assault Helix.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Terran Alliance Assault Helix - Unboxing

Hi all!
Sorry for the delay between posts. I got caught up painting some Dystopian Wars minis and life has not provided much extra time over the last month or two to play any Planetfall or armada games. Hopefully that will be changing here soon. My brother-in-law, dad and myself pre-ordered 4 of the new assault helix boxes back in January. They have finally arrive and much sooner than I thought they would! SO over the next week or so I will be posting unboxing pictures of each.

The first one I put together is for my brother-in-law's Terran Alliance.

Exterior of box top.
Back of box with background and picture.
Interior contents of box.
Legs, torso and weapons for the Loki Battle Walkers
I believe these attach between the walker's legs and torso. Although, they could be the Hodr's torso/head too.
I'm not 100% sure on these either. I believe the barrel shaped ones are shoulders for the Loki which the grenade launcher would attach to. The other two pieces I am not sure about. The bases are decent sized near to the same size as a medium tank base.
Pieces of the Hodr. Legs and Polaris Lances are easy to distinguish. I am not sure how the middle/Torso pieces fit together and wonder if perhaps something is missing. I will have to wait and see what my brother-in-law says once he starts putting these guys together.
BONUS - These were the pre-order bonus for the Terran Assault Helix. I rather like the details for the commander and trooper. A very cool little piece!
The box appears to contain the same high level of quality I am used to seeing in every set of miniatures I have seen from Spartan Games. I'm really interested to see the unit painted up and in action.

Next I will post an un-boxing for the Directorate Assault Helix. Even though I don't play Directorate I think their walker may be the coolest looking for the lot. Thanks for reading!