Friday, December 8, 2017

December Update

Well, its December and I just realized that I never posted an update for November. To be totally fair there hasn't been a lot of work done on the hobby front over the past 6-8 weeks. I'm still plugging away at the painting commission I accepted.

I did pick up a few new Warmachine Retribution models: Some House Shyeel Arcanists, a Lys Healer and a Voidtracer.

In addition to that my son, brother-in-law and I decided to started to play both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander. I elected to start a Shaltari force after some research. I debated between the UCM, Scourge and Shaltari. The ranged firepower and teleportation tactics for the Shaltari eventually won me over. I picked up a frigate box for Dropfleet and I am debating on color schemes. I am very much looking forward to the release of the Battle Fleet boxes.

For dropzone commander I picked up a Shaltari starter box, a Coyote warstrider and a Firedrake. My son has picked up the PHR starter, a set of Sirens and Tritons. I had been apprehensive of trying this game out but I am glad we did. The rules are fairly straight forward and we flew through our first game together earlier this week and had a blast I might add. We ended in a draw as we only had time to play 3 turns and had both managed to claim one objective.

I have also been using my 3d printer to make bases for my new Shaltari hover tanks and for my new Warmachine characters. I have also been working on some 10mm buildings for use with Dropzone. The first couple have a dersert/scavanger feel to them. I would like to do some large apartment or business buildings for a city and have some ideas that I need to design.

I have heard that Warcradle has released some new renders for Dystopian Wars and Armored Clash. From the little that I have read they are mixing the Dystopian Wars IP with their own Wild West Exodus to create the Dystopian Age IP which will have their Wild West Exodus as a skirmish game, Armored clash has become a 10mm land/air game and Dystopian Wars has been revised as a 1/1200 scale naval/air game. Unfortunately with the meshing of game worlds a number of the nations have changed. In particular, my Republique of France appears to no longer be apart of the game world or potentially has been absorbed by the Prussian Empire, time will tell. Warcradle has the a blog detailing some of this.

Sorry I do not have more pictures this blog but I have not had much to photograph to be honest. Once I finish my painting commission I will try to knock out my Retribution or Shaltari forces. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Thanks for reading and God bless.

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