Friday, October 6, 2017

October Update! Now with more Glacier King

Hello all,
It has been a fairly product few weeks at least until this week. I acquired a plague from a children which knocked me out for half of this week. Quite unpleasant! However, I am on the mend now and beginning to feel human again. Before getting sick I had made good progress on my commission and expanding my old game rules.

Ok, status update. On the Warmachine front I have greatly expanded my Cygnar forces. I haven't really taken any pictures of these guys because I haven't painted the majority of them but so far I think are my favorite faction.

Cain's Hellslingers
Allison Jakes

So far I have enjoyed using both of these casters - One nice thing about Allison Jakes is that I can also take her as a solo, albeit less powerful than her warcaster form.

Heavy Warjacks

The Gallant has performed extremely well for me so far though it does not seem to have the best life expectancy. I haven't had a chance to field the centurion but I am extremely excited to do so. I have been debating on picking up a second Centurion/Hammersmith box depending on how it plays.

Light Warjacks

Both of these have played quite well though I have had better luck with the Lancer so far. I have been considering adding a sentinel to my lights as it would make a good shield guard potentially.

Katherine Laddermore (Dragoon)
Colby Sterling (Mercenary)
Harlan Versh

Other than Colby, I haven't had a chance to make much use of these. Colby is a mechanic and so has been quite useful the couple of games I have had her in keeping my jacks running. Harlan Versh combos well with Gallant, proving him with an extra focus each turn if within range. Laddermore is just a beast.

Stormblade Infantry with weapon attachments
Sword Knights
Stormsmith Grenadiers
Stormsmith Stormtower

Both the Stormtower and Grenadiers have served me well in previous games. I have not had an opportunity to try out the Stormblades or Sword Knights just yet though I am definitely looking forward to fielding them.

This is where it gets a little crazy though. The pre-orders for all of the new trencher units has recently went up and I could not help myself but purchase a number of them to add to my expanding Cygnar battalion. So over the past week and half I have pre-ordered:
Trencher Express Team PiPlink
Trencher Mechanics PiPlink
Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant PiPlink
Trencher Long Gunners PiPlink
Trencher Patrol Dog PiPlink

As these are all pre-orders I will be receiving them sometime either this month or next month. Not to be left out my wife surprised me with a Glacier King a little over two weeks ago. He is magnificent!

This beast is going to look amazing when painted! My wife sure knows how to pick them! 
I acquired a MOD-T 3d printer recently to help with designing models for my game rules. I had spent quite a bit of time trying to find similar models to use instead but in the end I was never able to match what was in my head with what I was finding. Its been a fun process learning how to use the printer but I also recently discovered it was good for making base inserts which is the pink base you can see the glacier king standing on above.

Here's a pic of the models I designed for some of the 40mm base inserts I have designed so far. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of them once printed.
Wow, this has a been a long rambling post. I really need to do these more often :) Last thing for this post is the map of the game world I am working on. I'm still finalizing locations and names but its in pretty good shape and I am extremely happy with how it is turning out.

This has been quite the learning experience with Corel Painter Essentials but also a lot of fun. Colored areas denote different nations. Still working on fleshing those out. 
Thanks for reading, I will endeavor to do smaller more frequent posts in the future. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time.

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