Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post weekend update and Planetfall 2.0 thoughts

Well it was a fun weekend. My son and I got a chance to try out a game of planetfall using the new 2.0 rules. He proxied a Works Raptor core helix and scout helix while I ran a Sorylian command helix with allied Terquai scout helix.

This is fairly early in the first turn. I had moved the command barge up to put some hurt on my son's medium tanks. This proved to be a mistake unfortunately as his heavy and medium tanks were able to bring down the barge early in turn two.
This was toward the end of our game. I must say that the Ja'Gor recon walkers performed extremely well and were probably my MVP in the game.

  • The Terquai gunship has quite a bit tougher than it used to be. with 6 shields and flying it was quite a best in this game before it was brought down by the Works raptor AA tanks and interceptors.
  • The command barge was not as tough under sustained fire as I thought it would be. This worked against me early in our game. 
  • My heavy infantry, (Sorylian and Terquai), were very hard for my sons tanks to dislodge from the objectives. This gave me the game in the end as he could not remove them in time so I won by objective even though he really had decimated the majority of my forces.
  • The orbital support markers were not as difficult to dial in as I expected them to be.
  • Odd I know, but the game still felt like planetfall even with the additional range bands and revisions and it was still a lot of fun!

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